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NOC LRS-B concept

Long-Range Bomber Contract Due Very Soon

The disagreement between President Obama and the Congress over the U.S. defense budget is not expected to have any effect on awarding a contract for the development of a new ...
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Boeing 777

Why Goldman Sachs Cut Price Target on Boeing Shares

The current version of the 777 wide-body commercial jet from Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) may account for as much as 45% of the company’s pretax earnings (EBIT), according to a ...
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Boeing 787 museum copy

Boeing Maintains Record-Breaking Annual Delivery Pace

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) reported Monday morning that third-quarter commercial aircraft deliveries totaled 199 planes. For the year to date, Boeing has delivered 580 commercial jets, compared with 528 deliveries ...
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Cargolux 747-8F

How Apple Could Help Boeing Sell New Freighters

In a report from Tuesday that almost slipped past us, Luxembourg-based Cargolux, Europe’s largest air freight carrier, said it is talking with Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) about purchasing five new ...
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JASSM-B2 Lockheed

When Putin Talks Tough, Lockheed Benefits

Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT) may be adding Russian President Vladimir Putin to its Christmas card list this year. Putin’s tough talk and muscle-flexing have ratcheted up fears of what ...
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Boeing logo

Fully-Equipped Boeing Tanker to Make First Test Flight Friday

Eight months behind schedule and more than $1 billion over budget, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has scheduled the first test flight of a fully-equipped KC-46A tanker for Friday. To say ...
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Sikorsky Blackhawk

Lockheed Martin Receives US Approval in UTC Deal

Sikorsky Helicopters has finally found a home in Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT). According to an SEC filing on Thursday morning, the company announced that U.S. regulators had approved the ...
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Boeing-Air China

Is There Less to Boeing Order From China Than Meets the Eye?

Late Wednesday afternoon, after markets had closed for the day, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) issued a press release announcing a telegraphed order for 300 new planes from the China Aviation ...
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Boeing 737-MAX-7-8-9 Artwork

China Places Order for 300 Boeing Jets

In a brief statement published Tuesday, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua said that a “group of Chinese companies” has signed an agreement with Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) to buy ...
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M-346 Jet Trainer

Is Raytheon Preparing a Bid for the New Air Force Training Jet?

The competition for a contract to build the new T-X trainer jet for the U.S. Air Force may be more intense than we thought. A report Thursday in Defense News ...
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Boeing T-X image

Boeing Teases First Look at Air Force Training Jet Concept

At the Air Force Association (AFA) conference near Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) let Defense News have an exclusive look at the company’s concept for the new ...
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US Air Force Looks to Replace JSTARS Fleet

In early August the U.S. Air Force awarded pre-engineering and manufacturing development contracts to three contending teams of contractors angling for a deal to replace the 16 Joint Surveillance Target ...
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Airbus AL logo

Airbus Opens Alabama Assembly Plant, Aims for Half of US Market

European aircraft maker Airbus Group officially opens its final assembly line in Mobile, Ala., Monday, only the second plant that the company has built outside Europe. The company plans to ...
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Boeing 787 museum copy

Are Risks Growing for Aircraft Makers Boeing, Airbus?

The commercial aerospace sector has been unusually robust over the past five years, with aircraft manufacturers taking orders for about 12,000 new planes between 2010 and 2014. The order books ...
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Eurofighter Typhoon

Does Kuwait Buy of Eurofighter Planes Dash Boeing Hopes?

A partnership among the U.K.’s BAE Systems, Italy’s Finmeccanica and Airbus, known as Eurofighter, is reported to be about to close a deal with Kuwait for 28 of Eurofighter’s Typhoon ...
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