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Boeing Agrees to $3 Billion Sale of 737s to Iranian Carrier

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) on Tuesday confirmed that the company has signed a memorandum of agreement with Iran Aseman Airlines calling for the purchase of 30 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes ...
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Boeing Pitches Navy to Drop F-35Cs, Buy F-18s

It's air-to-air combat, only with words and numbers, not bullets and missiles. The words and numbers are being fired in the latest push by Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) to persuade ...
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Missiles Deliver Big Dividend Hike for Raytheon Shareholders

Raytheon Co. (NYSE: RTN) has been one of the post-election winners that benefited from the so-called trump Bump due to higher military spending ambitions. It turns out that the hype ...
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US Air Force Names Overseer for Boeing’s Air Force One Program

The U.S. Air Force has apparently gotten the message that President Donald Trump sent earlier this year to Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA): the costs to build a fleet of two ...
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New China Airliner Major Threat to Boeing

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) recently said that Asia, and particularly China, are the key to its future growth. China just put up a barrier to those ambitions. Its new, locally ...
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Why Jefferies Sees Boeing’s New Factory as a Huge Catalyst

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) is creating state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions at its Everett factory to renew its B777 line and to produce the B787 more efficiently. At the same time, its ...
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Why Boeing Sees an Upgrade-Lite in a Sell Rating

When investors hear the official rating of Underperform, they are effectively hearing "Sell." But not all Sell ratings are created equal when it comes to stocks. For Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), ...
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How Much Does a Boeing 737 Cost?

By the end of March, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) will have started construction on a final assembly plant in China for the company's 737 passenger jets. The U.S. company signed ...
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UBS Says Defense Growing Much Faster Than Expected: 4 Top Picks to Buy Now

We have written about how some feel that the defense budgets in the Trump administration may end up being higher than many are expecting, but when you evaluate the defense/aerospace ...
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Is Trump’s Massive Defense Spending Not Enough? 4 Top Stocks to Buy Now

One of the platforms that President Trump relied heavily on during the campaign was rebuilding our military, and with good reason. Despite the fact that defense spending dominates our budget, ...
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Bell helicopter

Honeywell Cuts Estimate on Global Helicopter Sales

Slow global economic growth and continued volatility in the energy markets have led Honeywell International Inc. (NYSE: HON) to lower its estimate of global demand for civilian-use helicopters by about ...
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The Pentagon

Glock Officially Protests Army’s Choice of Sig Sauer Pistol

In late January, the U.S. Army ended a nearly decade-long competition to supply the service with a new handgun, awarding a contract valued at $580 million to Sig Sauer. Glock ...
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Airbus A400M

Airbus Writes Down $2.3 Billion on Military Tanker/Transport

In mid-January Airbus reported its 2016 orders and deliveries, but the company's financial results were not delivered until Wednesday morning. Last year the company delivered a record 688 commercial jets ...
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Blue departures board for asian cities

Will 74 New Airports in China Help Boeing?

As part of the People's Republic of China's recently adopted five-year plan (the 13th since the revolution), the government plans to complete construction on 30 new airports and add another ...
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Holding gun square

Global Arms Trade Hits Highest Level Since Cold War

The global arms race is on again, based on a measure of arms trade over the past five years, compared to any similarly measured period since the Cold War. The ...
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