2016 Passat

Volkswagen Expected to Have 13% Drop in May Sales

Among the expectations about U.S. cars sales in May is that overall the industry will suffer a drop off of 6.2% to 1,530,000, compared to the same month last year. Also, ...
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car dealership

Car Sales Move Toward Record, but GM Lags

Sales of new light vehicles (cars and pickups) are on track to set another record in 2016, even though the month of May is not expected to show a year-over-year ...
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Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger Flunks Major Safety Test

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has set the gold standard for the evaluation of the effect of car accidents. It recently tested three so-called muscle cars. One, Fiat ...
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Google Self-Driving Car

Bad News for Google and Tesla: People Don’t Want Self-Driving Cars

People don't want self-driving cars. They are, in the view of many drivers, dangerous. As a matter of fact, the majority of drivers would like to continue to drive their ...
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Traffic jam

Americans Not Warming Up to Self-Driving Cars

Automakers have been piling into deals with technology companies recently as the two industries try to forge alliances to develop vehicle automation, more commonly called self-driving cars. U.S. consumers, however, ...
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Jeep Wrangler

5 Car Brands Young People Drive

Almost exactly two years ago, research firm IHS Automotive published a report on the average age of the buyers of car brands sold in the U.S. Of the 5 cars ...
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elderly driver

5 Car Brands Old People Drive

Almost exactly two years ago, research firm IHS Automotive released a study on the average age of people who buy car brands sold in the United States. America's top two ...
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2016 Mazda 3

10 Coolest Cars Costing Less Than $18,000

Most of us would agree that a Ferrari F12berlinetta is a lot cooler than, say, a Ford Fiesta, but figuring out what defines "cool" among cars in the same price ...
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New Car Sales Pace Slowing Down

Retail new car sales in the month of May are expected to reach 1.24 million units in the United States, a 1% year-over-year increase. If that is going to happen, ...
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2016 Chevrolet Traverse

GM to Compensate Buyers of SUVs with Incorrect Mileage Labels

Late last week General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) told its dealers to stop selling nearly 60,000 large crossover sport utility vehicles (SUVs) until the company could replace incorrect mileage labels ...
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Tesla Model 3

Why the Tesla Model 3 Megahype Is Turning the Stock Into a Binary Play

Another day, another equity offering from Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA). Announced May 18, this time it’s a $2 billion float, $1.4 billion of which will be used to fund ...
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model s interior

Why Goldman Sachs Sees Tesla Rising Another 25%

Whether investors like electric vehicles or not, the rise of Elon Musk and Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has undeniably been one of the greatest growth and investment stories of ...
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2016 Passat

The 5 Models Volkswagen Needs to Save Itself

Volkswagen has lost the high-mileage car consumer market for years to come, and that could stretch on for decades. The scandal over its diesel engine mileage claims have assured that. The ...
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Car salesman copy

Social Responsibility Campaigns More Attractive to Car Buyers

The good news for automakers is that 62% of car buyers say that they are more likely to purchase a vehicle brand if that brand is promoting a social good ...
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Summer Road Trips Cheapest Since 2005

If you've delayed taking a road trip due to the cost of fuel, you might not want to wait any longer. The only thing to be wary of is the ...
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