Ryanair Boeing 737

Why Boeing Shares Have Thrashed the Dow

As of Friday’s close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained about 2.3% for the year to date. The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has performed much better, up more than ...
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Why Short Selling Hedge Funds Are Likely So Much Against Disney

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has been one of the best performing Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks year to date in 2015. Disney shares were last seen up 17% ...
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Mercedes Works On Wireless Electric Charger

Two things are certain. One is that charging electric cars is difficult. Owners need to hook their vehicles up at home, or find charging stations on the road. The other ...
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Why Wal-Mart Trades Near 52-Week Low

When Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) reported fiscal first quarter earnings last week, investors were underwhelmed. Shares that had closed at near $80 on Monday closed nearer to $76 on ...
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oil rig

$100 Billion Cut from Global Energy Projects

The collapse of crude oil prices that started last Fall and continued through the first half of March this year has forced many U.S. producers to delay new drilling or ...
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The Most Loved Biotechs of Big Hedge Funds

With such a mixed performance over the past decade, some of us wonder why hedge funds are so revered. Ditto for many of the so-called guru fund managers. Still, investors ...
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Estimated $10 Billion Marijuana Sales in 2015 Far Too Low

When new business segments start to reach $1 billion in annual sales, they often get noticed by new business and venture seekers. But when new business segments reach $10 billion ...
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Walmart Offers Better Eggs

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) will start to offer better eggs, at least from the standpoint of "fair treatment" of animals  But are better eggs the ones that have fewer antibiotics. or ones ...
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Strong Marijuana Harvest Will Drive Down Prices

For the week ended Friday, May 22, the spot price for a pound of cannabis was $1,825 unchanged from the prior week. The futures price for November 2015 was also ...
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General Motors headquarters

GM: The Software in Your Car Belongs to Us, Not You

Just like that copy of Windows or OS X that your computer runs on -- and which Microsoft and Apple simply license to you while retaining ownership -- General Motors ...
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Why Legal Issues Around Banks Now Make Them Attractive

Ever since the meltdown in the fall of 2008, it seems like there has been a constant stream of large cap bank legal issues and, worse for shareholders, huge cash ...
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Is Aeropostale Destined for 52-Week Lows After Earnings?

Aeropostale Inc. (NYSE: ARO) reported its fiscal first-quarter earnings after the markets closed Thursday. The company had a net loss of $0.56 per share on $318.6 million in revenue. That ...
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Eli Lilly Logo

Jefferies Makes Changes to Top Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy

With major mergers and acquisition deals happening, and a host of clinical trials that could offer some outstanding breakthrough drug treatments, the big pharmaceutical stocks have had their fair share ...
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Oil pumpjack

Merrill Lynch Raises Energy Outlook: 4 Top Oil Stocks to Buy Now

After a long hard look, and some serious thought on where prices are heading. Merrill Lynch has upgraded the energy sector to Overweight, and the timing looks solid. It is ...
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Airbus A400M

Why Germany Wants 300 Million Euros From Airbus Over Late Deliveries

The single largest customer for the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft is tired of waiting for the company to deliver the remaining planes in its order. Germany has ordered 53 ...
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