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UBS Spotlights 4 Top Software Stocks to Buy

Wall Street firms are renowned for holding conferences, many at fancy locales that draw in the top companies looking to present not only to the host firm, but attending investors. ...
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Tim Cook Could Run Apple Another 10 Years

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), could run it for another decade, assuming the retirement age at the company is not 65. He is currently 54. And, ...
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video games

Video Games Can Make You Smarter

Good news for Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), makers of the most popular game consoles. Playing video games can make people smarter -- at least as ...
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5 Top Software Stocks to Buy Expected to Post Big Earnings in November

While the earnings reporting season has finished for much of the S&P 500, some of the top software stocks are now hopping out of the on-deck circle to present earnings ...
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Microsoft Nears 52-Week High

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), once nearly orphaned by investors, has nearly touched its 52-week high. As a matter of fact, make that a 10-year high, for good measure. It has ...
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Microsoft’s Latest Quarter Belongs to Steve Ballmer

Satya Nadella may be the CEO of Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) now, but the fingerprints on the company's most recent quarterly results belong to former CEO Steve Ballmer. Virtually every ...
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Angry Birds Maker Rovio Slashes Jobs

Angry Birds must not be much more than a fad, as had been the case with many mobile games. Its recent failure caught up to Rovio, its parent, which slashed ...
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Digital Piracy

Cowen’s 3 Top Security Software Stocks to Buy

One very good way to get a bead on how a product is performing is to go right to the source and ask the people that are the most involved ...
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Computer Password

Data Breaches Expose 75 Million Records

Hackers have done even better than most people who do e-commerce business or store content online only might imagine. A new study from research firm Identity Theft Resource Center claims ...
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SAP HQ - Germany

After SAP Purchase of Concur, Are These Stocks the Next Targets?

One way huge corporations can keep expanding growth and markets when organic internal growth slows down is to make an acquisition that can easily meshed into the acquiring company. SAP ...
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Cloud computing

More Trouble for the Cloud as Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Released

For some reason, celebrities insist on storing their nude images online. Few have seemed to grasp the fact that putting photos and data on cloud-based services can lead to hacks. ...
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Microsoft Shares Up 43%: Can They Move Higher?

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) shares have risen 43% in the past year, compared to 21% for the Nasdaq. Will the market buy into its new CEO's vision enough to keep ...
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Sony Store

Will Sony Fire CEO as Company Posts Another Loss?

Call it another year of financial loss. The year has not ended, but Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) says the red ink for its current fiscal period is imminent. The means ...
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cloud computing

Other Likely Enterprise Software Buyout Targets After Concur

A recent Bloomberg article reported that Concur Technologies (NASDAQ: CNQR) had enlisted the aid of a major investment bank to explore the possible sale of the company. The article stated ...
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Will Celebrity Photo Hack Cost Apple iCloud Customers?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is not the only company that offers cloud-based services to its customers. And this may hurt the company after the iCloud service got hacked and hundreds of ...
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