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China Downloads More Apple Apps Than US

A website called App Annie claims the Chinese downloaded more Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) apps from the Apple App Store than Americans did in the third quarter, as measured by ...
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Jefferies Q4 Software Stocks to Buy With Big Upside Potential

For five long years, many of the top software companies in the United States have battled currency headwinds as the dollar has remained elevated, but for the time being those headwinds ...
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iPhone 7 Jet Black Available Nationwide

Consumers believed that the waiting line, either in stores or online, for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 7 jet black version would be long and the phone hard to ...
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Uber Is the World’s Most Valuable Startup

Silicon Valley has produced some of the world's most profitable companies. With the prospect of becoming the next Facebook or Google, tech startups are often able to raise billions of ...
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PC Sales Fall, as Apple Crumbles

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has a new problem. Sales of the Mac have started to fall, which makes it no better off than the personal computer (PC) companies with which ...
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In Countries Where People Have High IQs, Less Software Theft

Software companies have a great deal to fear in terms of theft from the people who live in nations in which the average IQ is low. One the other hand, ...
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Sony Creates Units to Move PlayStation to Phones

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) has seen the future of PlayStation, and it is the smartphone. As a means to capture the huge market of apps and downloads onto these devices, ...
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Analysts Get Even More Bullish in Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) reported its fiscal third-quarter financial results on Wednesday. 24/7 Wall St. has reviewed a few analyst calls that came after the company posted its ...
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Jefferies Says Software Is Cheap and Should Outperform: 4 to Buy Now

The only good thing about blistering wicked sell-offs is they provide opportunity, especially when the economy is most likely not headed for recession. While many of the perma-bears are now ...
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Did Apple Sell 75 Million iPhones?

Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AAPL) share price hinges primarily on two things. The first whether the huge consumer electronics company sold over 75 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2015. ...
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Twitter Crashes

Twitter Inc.'s (NYSE: TWTR) services are down, at least here. The company reported: Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working ...
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Instagram User Base Hits 400 Million

Based on a "community" count, Instagram is larger than Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR). However, that may not matter much, as the site has not come up with a way to ...
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Why Twitter’s Earnings Will Likely Hammer the Stock

If there were ever a time to sell into strength, it would be today with Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). Twitter is a case of a company that suffers from its own publicity. ...
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New Google Maps Remembers Where You’ve Been

In another example of how "Big Brother" has rapidly moved into the world of tech, Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) new Maps product can tell you where you have been. But ...
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Will Windows 10 Help Sell Microsoft Products?

On July 29, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will roll out Windows 10 in full force. Interestingly, Windows 7 and 8 users will have a full year from the release date to ...
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