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Fiat Chrysler Brands Get Lowest Ratings in Quality Survey

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE: FCAU) took a major beating in the carefully followed J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study. The poor marks the company's ...
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Smart car

The 13 Least Appealing 2015 New Cars

After a buyer drives a new car off the dealer’s lot, that buyer is usually pretty well-disposed toward that new car. After all, it probably cost several thousand dollars and ...
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Porsche Cayenne 2013

The 10 Most Appealing New Cars of 2015

The gap between premium and non-premium car brands is narrowing, at least far as how appealing new cars are to their new owners. Overall, new car owners are more satisfied ...
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Google Driverless Car Proto

A 32-Acre Test Site for Self-Driving Cars

The regular use of self-driving cars is way off in the future. The software for these cars is still immature. Witness the recent minor crash of one of Google's experimental ...
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2015 Ford F-150

Ford Plans Ultra Modern Night Vision Lights

In the race among car companies for which can provide the safest headlights to spot hazards at night, Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) is working on a futurist product that may put ...
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Fiat 500L Trekking

Fiat Is Slowest Selling Car in America

Not only does Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE: FCAU) have trouble improving sales of its Fiat brand, Fiat is also the slowest selling car in America based on the carefully followed ...
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Tesla Shares Near All-Time High

Lost in founder Elon Musk's announcement that the Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model S P85D will get a "ludicrous" mode of acceleration, which will take the car from 0 to ...
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Opel Adam

EU June Car Sales Surge 15%, as GM Lags

If economists need any evidence that the European Union has emerged from the recession, cars sales improvement seems a fair measure. Other than houses, cars are generally the most expensive ...
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Volvo driverless car

US Drivers Not Much Interested in Self-Driving Cars

There are two major high-concept ideas in the automobile world today: vehicle automation and connected cars. The two are related, and indeed are linked in some ways -- vehicle automation, ...
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Ford 2015 Mustang - all colors

Orange Is the New Black — at Least for Male Car Buyers

The most popular car color among car buyers in 2014 was orange, with male buyers showing a much stronger preference for the color than females. Men’s bias for the color ...
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Chevy Silverado Gets a Big Upgrade, Maybe

As it battles the new F-150 from Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) and the successful Dodge Ram from Fiat Chrysler Automobile N.V. (NYSE: FCAU), General Motors Co.'s (NYSE: GM) Chevy plans to ...
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2015 Impala

Short Interest in GM Collapses

Some group of investors must believe that the near-term prospects for General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) are good. Short interest in its shares dropped by 7.8 million to 44.5 million. ...
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Cars on a lot

AutoNation Dumps TrueCar

Depending on the point of view of each company, either AutoNation Inc. (NYSE: AN) dumped TrueCar Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) or the other way around. Each company claims its relationship with ...
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Ford Focus (China)

Ford and General Motors Face Dimmer Hopes in China

Car maker General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) saw flat year-over-year sales in the month of June in China. Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) did not fare much better, with a ...
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2015 Corvette Z06

GM Brands Top Vehicle Satisfaction Survey

In a new owner satisfaction ranking of 2015 model year vehicles, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) placed five vehicles at the top of their respective segments. GM’s GMC brand also ...
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