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Turkey and Cranberry

Almost 47 Million People to Travel Over Thanksgiving Weekend

AAA forecasts that 46.9 million people will travel over the Thanksgiving holiday period, which runs from Wednesday, Nov. 25, to Sunday, Nov. 29. The increase is a tiny 0.6% over last ...
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Battered Dollar Bill

Worst States for Business Taxes

While tax rates on businesses are not necessarily the best indicator of a state's business friendliness, tax rates are an easy way to rank the states and provide lots of ...
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college degree

Bad News on Rate of Students Going to College and Getting Degrees

More and more students who go to college and university are not finishing. They are starting the efforts, but ending without degrees. That is the message from the National Student ...
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Mixed Industrial Production Meets Poor Capacity Utilization

Tuesday has been at least somewhat busy for economic reports. The Labor Department showed some positive inflation data via the Consumer Price Index for October, and the Federal Reserve showed ...
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Inflation Ahead

Fed Gets Glimmer of Hope on Inflation via Consumer Price Index

Is inflation finally here? The answer depends on what you are looking at, and if you can look at the data with rose-colored glasses. Tuesday morning's report on October's Consumer ...
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gear set

Weakness Persists in New York Fed Manufacturing

The only key economic report for Monday was the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Empire Manufacturing Survey. What was anticipated to be a negative report for the month of ...
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dominoes collapsing

Japan Slides Into Recession, With China to Blame

The world's third largest economy fell into recession as the government announced a second quarter of contraction. Although Japan's economy is largely different from the large economies of the United ...
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France’s Economy By The Numbers

What does France look like economically. 24/7 turned to the CIA Facebook, The World Bank, and IMF for answers France is the world's six largest economy in the world based ...
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Do Business Inventories and Retail Sales Match Up?

Investors and business owners alike are looking at just about every indicator they can find to make determinations about how fast and by how much the Federal Reserve really will ...
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Optimists and Pessimists

Consumer Sentiment Climbs Again

Maybe inflation is low to nonexistent, and maybe many retailers are suffering from weak sales, but don't bother with that when it comes to consumer sentiment. The University of Michigan ...
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snowy mail boxes

Despite Some Improvements, Big Losses Continue for the US Postal Service

Just when you thought you were going to see less and less of the US Postal Service ... now you even occasionally see them delivering packages on Sundays. One thing ...
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Fed Rate Hike Conundrum: PPI Signals More Deflationary Pressure

It is no secret that the Federal Reserve wants to raise interest rates. The Fed's dual mandate has been easily met on the employment front, but inflation is just nowhere ...
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US Treasury building

Does a 30-Year Treasury Yield Just Over 3% Hurt the Fed’s Rate-Hike Case?

The United States is supposed to be the strongest of the developed economies in 2015, but the persistent low yields in interest rates may signal something entirely different. It is ...
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jobless claims

When Great News in Jobless Claims Is Not Great Enough

More good news came out of the U.S. Department of Labor in the latest weekly jobless claims report. Claims on a seasonally adjusted basis were 276,000 in the week ending ...
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Help wanted sign

More Evidence of Small Business Hiring on the Decline

While last week's U.S. Department of Labor report on private sector payrolls for the month of October was much stronger than expected, there is some concern that small businesses are ...
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