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Baltimore Demographics: The City by the Numbers

As Baltimore disintegrates due to violence, it is worth looking at how different the city is from its home state of Maryland. The differences are in many cases tremendous, and ...
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Fitch Downgrades Japan to A From A+

Japan's slow economy and lack of the lack of success of central bank efforts to lift gross domestic product (GDP) are among the factors that have triggered a downgrade of ...
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Q1 GDP Expectations to Be Made or Broken by Durable Goods

Friday's durable goods report from the U.S. Commerce Department likely will be the last big-ticket economic report that shapes next week's gross domestic product (GDP) report. After all, this is ...
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Business Survey Suggests Bullish Outlook

Samuel Johnson once said that second marriages demonstrate the triumph of hope over experience. Similarly, a recent survey of business economists concluded that the slow pace of first-quarter growth is unlikely ...
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Consumer Sentiment and Leading Indicators Point Higher

Friday's markets have been roiled by overseas news out of China and with fears about Greece leaving or being booted out of the eurozone. Now two economic reports in the ...
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Fed Beige Book Highlights Job Losses in the Oil Patch

U.S. economic activity expanded or remained steady in all 12 Federal Reserve districts, according to the latest version of the Beige Book released Wednesday afternoon. Eight Fed districts characterized growth ...
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Greek Sovereign Debt Downgraded at S&P

Ratings service Standard & Poor’s has downgraded its long-term and short-term sovereign credit ratings on Greece from B-/B to CCC+/C. The ratings have been removed from CreditWatch, but the outlook ...
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Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization a Bad Omen for US GDP

The Federal Reserve has released its industrial production report for the month of March, and the figures are weak enough that they may act as a drag against some of ...
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Economic Conundrum: Weak Inflation vs. Slow Retail Sales

What are economists and investors supposed to think of a trend in which inflation remains low, yet consumers just do not really want to buy more and more goods that ...
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Workers Seeking $15 Hourly Wage Set Strikes in 230 Cities

The strikes and protests that began more than two years ago among workers at fast-food restaurants has expanded its scope, seeking to include low-wage workers in many fields to join ...
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China Growth Slows, Drags Down Asia

Whether it is purchasing managers index (PMI) statistics or imports and exports, more and more signs point to a tapering of China's growth. Even the central government has moved its ...
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US to Be Largest Economy in 2030

At an estimated total of $24.8 trillion, the United States will remain the world’s largest economy in 2030, but China is closing the gap between first and second place. More ...
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FOMC Minutes Mixed on Timing of Rate Hikes and Economic Strength

The markets had been awaiting that minutes of the March 18 FOMC meeting. Now we have them. The real issue was getting to the bottom of how and why the ...
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A Worldwide Period of Low Growth Ahead — IMF

International Monetary Fund (IMF) experts have issued a report that forecasts low worldwide economic growth for several years ahead. Most of the reasons for this are not easily solved, if ...
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US Job Openings Hit 14-Year High: Almost Double the Long-Term Unemployed

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey for the month of February on Tuesday morning. While the look after the report may ...
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