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Q1 GDP Revision Higher, Yet Disappointing

Economic growth is generally measured by the gross domestic product (GDP). First-quarter GDP growth saw a revision, and it raised to 0.8% from the prior 0.5%. This report was incredibly slow, and ...
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Temperature in Antarctica Drops to Minus 90 Degrees

As Americans head into the Memorial Day holiday and the beginning of summer, at the southern end of the planet winter is on its way. A weather station on Antarctica ...
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Durable Goods Strength Skewed by Aircraft Orders

Thursday's report on durable goods was, no pun intended, quite durable. The headline report showed a gain of 3.4% in the month of April. This was handily higher than the ...
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Pittsburgh Is Best City for New College Grads

A new study claims that of the top 10 cities for new college graduates not a single one is in the tech hot areas on the West Coast. All are east ...
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Fitch Trims US GDP Expectations for 2016, Raises China GDP View

Throughout the first quarter of this year, particularly the first six weeks when markets were in free fall, it was more than common for global organizations, analysts and economists to issue ...
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Will Durable Goods Bring Another Disappointment?

If there is one economic release that can bring big swings to expectations, it is the monthly durable goods report. This is also one of the most volatile of all economic ...
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Narrower Trade Deficit Seen in April 2016

Wednesday was not a major day for economic releases, but we did get a look at the latest data for international trade in goods. The trade deficit for April 2016 ...
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Household Debt Trends Improve in Q1 2016, With Bankruptcies Way Down

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has released its report measuring household debt and credit developments in the first quarter of 2016. Though it is a regional Fed bank issuing ...
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Philly Fed Stands Firm in May, Sort Of

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's top economic report is the Philly Fed Manufacturing report, but this Fed branch also releases data on non-manufacturing firms. Respondents to the May Nonmanufacturing ...
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US at Full Employment: SF Fed President John Williams

In an economics discussion on Monday at the Council on Foreign Relations, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams said that he believes the United States is "basically at ...
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IMF Calls for More Greek Debt Restructuring

Greece is back in the news. The good news about Greece is that they are not back in the news on the verge of an impending default, nor is Greece ...
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Americans’ Retirement Income Falls Short

In order for Americans to enjoy a financially comfortable retirement, a rule of thumb from financial advisors is that they will need about 70% of their pre-retirement income in order ...
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PMI Manufacturing Flash Reading Slows to a Crawl

Monday's only major U.S. economic report was the PMI Manufacturing Index Flash for May. This is considered a real-time report by traders, and that is a concern when you see ...
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America’s 10 Worst States for Business

24/7 Wall St. recently examined the business environment in all 50 states. The bottom 10 are particularly difficult for those companies that are based in them, or those that have considered ...
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Eurozone Flash PMI Shows Threat of Sharp Economy Slowdown

Markit's Flash PMI for May was such that the research firm expressed alarm about broad economic results for the year's second quarter. As part of the three large economic regions ...
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