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Fed Rate Hikes Pose Risks for Parts of the Junk Bond Market

This week's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting is largely expected to generate the first formal interest rate hike of 2017. While most market participants are expecting a hike, there ...
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Major League Baseball Faces Class Action Suit From Minor League Players

A federal judge in California last week certified a class action suit brought by former minor league baseball players against Major League Baseball (MLB). At issue is the salary paid ...
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Living Can Be Cheap — and Boring — in Small Towns, but Here Are 10 Worth Considering

Everyone who has ever lived in a big city remembers at least one time — or more likely, dozens of times — when they thought they should just pack it ...
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Favorite City of the Super-Rich? London

If you have net investable assets of at least $30 million, you also have an acronym: UHNWI, or ultra-high net worth individual. And if given a choice of where to live, ...
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US Workforce Demands Now Being Met by Immigrants

As baby boomers, born between the end of World War II and 1964, reach retirement age, the primary driver of the country's workforce for the past 50 years will be ...
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US Credit Card Debt Nears $1 Trillion at End of 2016

Americans added $60.4 billion to their credit card debt in the fourth quarter of 2016, the largest fourth-quarter debt increase since 2007. For the full year, U.S. consumers added $89.2 ...
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Student Loans Help Pay for the Beer and Bikinis of Spring Break

Have you ever wondered how cash-strapped college students manage to pay for those spring break trips to sunnier climes? After all, plane tickets, lodging, meals, adult beverages — all these ...
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Will Unemployment Press the Fed to Raise Interest Rates in March?

This Friday's unemployment report is also one of the freshest economic views before Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the Federal Open Market Committee members decide whether to raise interest ...
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How Americans Plan to Spend Their Tax Refunds

Nearly half of American taxpayers can expect a tax refund in any given year. How they intend to spend that windfall may surprise you. Just 6% of U.S. adults who expect ...
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California Has the Most Unsheltered Homeless People

According to the latest U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report to Congress of annual estimates of homelessness across the nation, California has the largest share of homeless residents who ...
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In Detroit, 100,000 People Still Unemployed

The turnaround of the fortunes of Detroit has failed to benefit 99,229 people, which is the number of them out of work in December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ...
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How Janet Yellen Forecasts the Coming Interest Rate Hikes Quite Soon

24/7 Wall St. recently showed how Credit Suisse had capitulated that the Federal Reserve and Chair Janet Yellen were on track to hike rates as soon as the March Federal ...
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Why Credit Suisse Now Calls for March Fed Rate Hike

Things are looking up for the markets. Even with a political divide, the ambitions of higher growth, lower taxes and less regulation keep sending the stock market to new higher ...
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Is It Too Late to Save the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Among the list of federal agencies that are feeling the most heat from the Trump administration is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The agency was established in 2011 as ...
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US Could Run Out of Money in October or November

It is called the "X date," which is the day the federal government runs so low on funds that the Treasury cannot pay all its bills. Over the past several ...
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