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Noble Energy Acquires 171,000 Permian Basin Acres in Clayton Williams Deal

Independent oil and gas company Noble Energy Inc. (NYSE: NBL) announced Monday that it has agreed to acquire Clayton Williams Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: CWEI) in a cash and stock transaction that ...
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Shell Station

Jefferies Positive on Energy for 2017: 3 Large Cap Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

The biggest news in the energy markets last year became a reality on January 1 as OPEC finally cut its production for the first time in years. While it is ...
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fracking drilling

Big Acquisition Doubles Exxon Mobil’s Permian Basin Oil Assets

If there is one area of the United States that continues to enchant and enthrall energy investors and operators alike, it would have to be the Permian Basis. The abundance ...
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green energy

After Years of Gains, Clean Energy Investment Is on the Decline

Call it global warming. Call it climate change. Maybe it's a nuance, or maybe your political stance determines how you feel about this debate. 24/7 Wall St. has tracked investment ...
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natural gas pipeline

Is Williams Companies Really Simplifying Its Business?

Whenever an energy pipeline company says it is taking an action in order to simplify its structure, a wise investor prepares for complexity. The Williams Companies Inc. (NYSE: WMB) is ...
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Short Sellers Can’t Make Up Their Minds on Major Oil

The short interest data have been released for the December 30 settlement date. Since the election was decided with Trump taking the White House, short interest for major oil stocks ...
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sustainable energy

Short Sellers Get Selective in Solar, Alt Energy Stocks

Short interest moves among solar and alternative energy stocks were mixed during the two-week reporting period that ended on December 30. Of the companies we watch, short interest fell on ...
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oil tanker

Why Wells Fargo Says Sell Exxon Mobil, Prefers 4 Other Oil Leaders

Last year was considered a total reversal of fortune for major oil companies. While some of the second-tier and third-tier oil players saw massive gains, rather impressive gains were seen ...
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Oil rig

$60 to $70 Oil Could Mean Huge Upside for Top Oilfield Services Stocks

While many think that the top analysts on Wall Street are the oracles of all prognostications when it concerns stocks and the potential for any specific sector going forward, one ...
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100 dollar bills

7 MLP Giants That Keep Raising Distributions, Even Through Recent Hard Times

With oil having rallied massively from its 2016 lows, the investor interest in the energy sector has come back strong. The post-election rally also seen as pro-energy, and that is ...
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Oil platform on sea

Merrill Lynch’s 5 Top Large Cap Oil and Gas Stocks for 2017

After oil collapsed in early 2016, the bears continued to circle like vultures and maintained that $20 a barrel or even lower was possible. Of course after the February lows ...
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What Could Help Exxon and Chevron Repeat 2016 Gains in 2017

2016 was a total reversal of fortune for the big oil companies. While some of the second- and third-tier oil players saw massive gains, there were rather impressive gains seen ...
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Oil pumps

Top Oil & Gas Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Baker Hughes, Chevron, Nabors, Occidental, Shell and Many More

This year is sure starting out in a different spot than 2016 was for the oil and gas companies within the energy sector. Oil may have sold off big on ...
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Stifel Select List Energy MLPs to Buy for 2017

With everybody returning to Wall Street from the holidays, the focus is now squarely on 2017 and what makes sense. One thing that looks solid is the prospects for oil. ...
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Silhouette of an oil worker using machinery at sunset

Major Oil Short Interest Remains Mixed

The short interest data have been released for the December 15 settlement date. After the election was decided with the Republican candidate taking the White House, short interest for major ...
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