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June Foreclosure Inventories Highest in New Jersey, New York, Hawaii

In the month of June, 38,000 U.S. home foreclosures were completed, up 5.1% month over month and down 4.9% from a total of 40,000 in June 2015, according to CoreLogic. ...
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Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Real-Estate How-To: Take a Better Offer on Your House Than One You’ve Already Accepted

One of the things homeowners often wish for when selling their house is that they will be swamped with competing offers, all of which are above the asking price. That ...
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10 Best Markets to Find an Undervalued Home

There are any number of ways to invest in the U.S. real-estate market other than just buying a house to live in. You could buy a fixer-upper at a rock-bottom ...
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College Station, Texas, Is Where Fewest People Own Their Own Home

Home ownership is at a multi-decade low in the United States at 62.9%. In several cities that figure is much lower. At the bottom of the list: only 47.7% of ...
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brick wall

Huge Brick Mansion in Pennsylvania for $1.2 Million

Eight bedrooms, five full baths and one half-bath, all in a house that measures 7,337 square feet, for only $1.2 million. The house at 3 W. King St. in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, has two disadvantages. ...
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Buying a House With 3% Down Payment

One of the hallmarks of the most recent housing bust, which took home values down as much as 50% in places like Florida and Nevada, was how little some people ...
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Brooklyn Bridge

2 Manhattan Homes List for Over $100 Million

If you won Saturday's Powerball jackpot of $487 million, you may decide to upgrade your lifestyle by buying a new home. The cash value to the winner (the ticket was ...
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downtown Detroit

Detroit Sells Homes for $1,000

Detroit has maintained a small, and largely unsuccessful program called "Building Detroit" that allows people to buy homes for as little as $1,000 at auction, just as the City of ...
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10 Home Improvements That Pay Off the Most

The number of opinions on the value of a particular home remodeling project is at least as large as the number of remodeling projects homeowners might want to tackle. One ...
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San Francisco skyline

July’s 20 Hottest US Real Estate Markets

When a real-estate market is "hot," that means it's good for sellers and real estate agents, and not so good for buyers. But the month of July may be a bit ...
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for sale

5,000 Square Foot Ohio Mansion for $885,000

The most visited listing at Reator.com is a huge home in Batavia Township, Ohio, just west of Cincinnati. At nearly 5,000 square feet, it comes with 5.5 acres and a price tag ...
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house with cash

Housing Prices Recover to 2005 Bubble Level

Housing prices have recovered all the way to 2005 bubble levels. But is the new level a bubble as it has been in the past? RealtyTrac, now known as ATTOM ...
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Toy house

A $1.2 Million Mansion for Sale in Indiana

Ft. Wayne, Indiana, sits in the northern part of the state, about midway between Detroit and Chicago. It has a population of about 260,000 residents. It is a relatively poor ...
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Hurricane over Cuba

Philadelphia Among Cities Where Hurricanes Would Cause Most Damage

Philadelphia is far north enough that it would not seem to be at much risk for hurricane damage. However, it makes the list of the "Cities Where Hurricanes Would Cause ...
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Say the Magic Words, Win the Bidding on That House You Want

One of the reasons that home prices have been rising nearly every month in nearly every state is that the inventory of affordable houses is not keeping up with demand. ...
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