California Water Service Group (NYSE:CWT)

glass of watter

H2O Stocks: Get Ready for New Highs in Water! (AWK, AWR, WTR, CWT, CTWS, CWCO, MSEX, YORW, PHO)

If you have been a reader of 24/7 Wall St. for very long, you know that we have been preaching over time that every investor needs some form of water ...
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A Higher Water Dividend (AWR, AWK, CWT)

American States Water Co. (NYSE: AWR) has just announced that it is raising its dividend. The water utility said this brings its payout ratio more in-line with its industry peers and ...
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Huge Upside Valuation Calls in Water Utilities (AWK, WTR, CWT, AWR)

There remains substantial value, growth, and income opportunity in the water sector.  This has been our take for some time, and a report out of Gabelli & Company this morning ...
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The Serious Return of Stock Splits (CLH, OKS, OKE, ALXN, CERN, PLCM, CWT, OII, CSX, SIX, IIVI, FLO, CHD, PEIXD, C, AAPL, GOOG, NFLX)

Stock splits usually bring back memories of the old tech bubble and dot-com bubble.  Fundamentally, nothing changes at the company other than that smaller investors get to invest in ...
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The Best Water Stock for 2011 (WTR, AWK, AWR, CWT, LAYN, TTEK, WTS, PHO, PIO)

Water is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and most under-invested themes for most investors looking for income and stability year after year.  It is also exceedingly harder and harder ...
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The ‘Safety Premium’ In Water Investing (AWK, WTR, AWR, CWT)

We have been investigating several of the "safe sectors" for investing to identify which ones may have seen the worst or which ones could continue to have issues regardless of ...
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Top Analyst Upgrades (AA, WTR, BEC, CWT, CHRT, CHA, GAS, NOK, PNY, WW)

These are the top upgrades and positive research calls we have seen from Wall Street analysts so far early this Thursday morning: Alcoa (AA) Raised to Overweight at JPMorgan. Aqua ...
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