Ford (NYSE:F)


Top 12 Earnings for the Week Ahead

24/7 Wall St. has put together a preview of some of the major companies reporting their quarterly results this week. Earnings season is in full swing, when most major companies will ...
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2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT

Chevy Offers $11,000 Discount to Move Silverado

The past month or so has been the best time in eight years to buy a pickup — and, as predicted, it looks as if the time is getting even ...
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Google logo

Digital Tech Firms Dominate 2016 Brand Loyalty Leaders

Of the top 100 product categories and brands in a new ranking of customer loyalty leaders, more than a third (35) are involved in digital technology, social networking brands, or ...
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Ford Motor Company logo

Ford Suffers Badly as Management Misjudges Sales

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) trades very near its 52-week low, although management believes it has started to work its magic by extending to a service business and electric cars. ...
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Ford F-150

Why Ford’s Plan to Suspend F-150 Production Will Inflame Pickup Price War

From a recent high of 70,937 units sold in June, the Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) has seen sales of its F-Series pickups fall: to 65,657 units in July, to ...
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Arc de Triomphe

Ford, GM Left Behind as EU September Sales Set Record

New car registrations in the European Union for the month of September totaled 1.46 million units, a volume record for the month. Year over year, sales rose more than 17% ...
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2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota World’s Most Valuable Car Brand at $56 Billion

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) vies with Volkswagen for the world crown in car companies by unit sales, yet the Japanese manufacturer is the world's most valuable car brand. Among ...
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Procter & Gamble

The 6 Most Shorted NYSE Stocks

The latest Wall Street Journal short interest data shows a massive surge in the number of Procter & Gamble shares sold short: more than 250%! That would make it easily ...
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FCA logo

Fiat Chrysler Reaches Agreement With Canadian Labor Union

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE: FCAU) on Monday night reached an 11th-hour agreement with its Canadian labor union, Unifor, that dodged a strike set to begin at midnight. The four-year ...
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2016 Toyota Prius

Top Selling Green Car Sales for September Led by Prius

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) claims more than 68% of the U.S. market for hybrid car sales. Not exactly a surprise because the company's Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid ...
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Ford F-150

Now Is the Best Time in 8 Years to Buy a New Pickup

For the Detroit Three automakers, pickups are not only their best-selling vehicles, but those trucks generally also yield the best profit margins. The F-Series pickups from Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: ...
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Ram 1500 pickup

Bad News for Chevy as Ram Sales Pass Silverado

The three top-selling vehicles in the United States remains the same month after month. Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE: F) F-150 is first, followed by the Chevy Silverado from General Motors Co. ...
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car dealership

Outlook for Automakers Turns Negative: Moody’s

Global demand for new light vehicles (cars and light trucks) is softening and analysts at Moody's Investors Service forecast global unit sales growth of just 1.1% in 2017. That growth ...
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wet Fiat badge

Fiat Sales Destroyed in September

Following a pattern that has gone on throughout the year, but worsened last month, Fiat sales were terrible. They dropped 30% to 2,913 in September. Sales were helped a very small ...
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2017 Ford F250

Ford Pickup Market Share Ticks Higher, Ram Jumps 4%

When the Detroit Three reported September new car sales Monday morning, expectations had been set pretty low for the month, so it's not altogether surprising that sales were down less ...
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