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Credit Suisse’s Top Contrarian Stocks to Buy

In a new research report, Credit Suisse analysts highlight contrarian stocks to buy that go against the grain of most Wall Street consensus. That might be just the type of ...
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Six Top Industrial Stocks to Buy Even at Record Highs in the Market

As the stock market races to new highs, all investors seem to ask the same question. With this much positive momentum, how do I stay involved? Can I commit new ...
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The Best of the Best Picks of the Credit Suisse Top 50 Stocks

Most of the firms that we cover on Wall Street have presented their high conviction stock picks for 2014. The analysts at Credit Suisse have taken a little bit longer ...
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Jefferies Highest Conviction Franchise Picks for Big Upside in 2014

During the end of last year and into 2014, most of the firms we cover on Wall Street had their top stock pick lists for the coming year. Most companies ...
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Top Stocks to Buy in 2014 for Rising Interest Rates

The conventional wisdom on Wall Street at almost every major firm we cover is that interest rates are going higher in 2014. The bond market is a very anticipatory vehicle. ...
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Oppenheimer Institutional Ideas as Stocks to Buy for Year-End and 2014

As we head in to the final month of what has been a tremendous year for the stock market, the 24/7 staff is reviewing what the major Wall Street firms ...
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Jefferies Has Top Sector Theme Stocks to Buy for 2014

With 2014 on the horizon, the ongoing revival in the manufacturing sector, a moderating recovery in the housing sector and continued expansion in the energy sector are the primary organic ...
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S&P 500 Waves Goodbye to J.C. Penney on Black Friday

Standard & Poor’s on Friday announced that J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (NYSE: JCP) is getting booted from the S&P 500 index effective after markets close on November 29th. It’s just ...
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UBS Adds Six Top Alpha Preference List Stocks to Buy for 2014

The Alpha Preference list of stocks to buy at UBS is comprised of companies that are the most preferred stocks to buy within the 41 major sectors that the firm ...
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Oppenheimer Institutional Portfolio Team Shows Industrial Stocks to Buy

Barring a collapse in corporate and consumer confidence, the current slow but steady economic growth should continue, with some strong evidence that smokestack America will lead the way. Not coincidentally, ...
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Jefferies Picks Stocks to Buy That Will Benefit from Capital Spending Growth

While the U.S. economic data was decidedly mixed through the second quarter of 2013, the one major surprise from the gross domestic product (GDP) release was the increase in fixed ...
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UBS Updates and Adds Top Stocks to the Alpha Preference List

Alpha is one of those confusing terms that is used in the financial industry but rarely defined. It is basically a performance measurement on a risk-adjusted basis. Alpha takes the ...
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UBS Alpha Preferences List of the Best Stocks to Buy

Alpha is one of those confusing terms used in the financial industry, but rarely defined. It is basically a performance measurement on a risk-adjusted basis. Alpha takes the volatility or ...
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Jefferies Gives Industrial Stocks of the Month to Buy

Jefferies is out with its industrial picks of the month as stocks to buy. The higher the stock market goes, the more difficult it becomes for investors to put money ...
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Jefferies Adds Top Stocks to Global Conviction List (TRW, HAL, IR, JDSU, FRAN)

The global equity team at Jefferies (NYSE: JEF) has put together a solid list of stocks from around the globe that it thinks investors should buy. Today's focus is on ...
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