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Why McDonald’s U.S. Growth Has Ended and Will Not Recover

McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) posted another month of falling same-store sales in the United States for May. The huge fast-food chain announced a drop of 1%. While the company has ...
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Panera Bread Makes a Clean Break Toward Sustainability

Is it just coincidence the leaders in the fast casual dining segment, virtually the only segment of the restaurant industry showing consistently high growth, are also the ones that seemingly ...
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McDonald’s, Darden Restaurants Could Be Testing New Lows Soon

While it was easy for restaurant operators to blame the lousy weather for slack sales during the harsh winter we just went through, now that temperatures have warmed up we ...
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The 4 Stocks That Drove the Market

June 4, 2014: Markets opened lower on Wednesday as reported economic data did not live up to expectations. ADP’s may employment total was light, European PMI numbers came in short, ...
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Dunkin Donuts

Here’s Why Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Will Be Serving Lunch

McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) still owns breakfast, regardless of the recent assault made on the day part by numerous fast food and fast casual restaurants. Lunchtime, however, may become the next ...
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Eight Companies That Owe Employees a Raise

With the stock market reaching new heights daily, companies' profit margins at multi-decade highs, and falling unemployment, many Americans may be wondering when they will start to see the benefits ...
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McDonald’s Looks to Flip Its Stores for Growth

Wall Street gave McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) plan to return as much as $20 billion to shareholders over the next three years a collective shrug. The combination of dividend payments, share buybacks, ...
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Could Amazon German Strikes Spread to U.S.?

The strikes by Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) warehouse workers in Germany are no longer just a pesky problem. The Verdi labor union continues to protest what it believes are low wages. ...
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Ten Companies With the Least Valuable Workers

Revenue per employee is one measure of a company’s productivity. Some companies generate significant revenue per employee that runs into the millions of dollars. Others generate only a fraction of ...
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The 4 Stocks That Dominated the Market

May 29, 2014: Markets opened higher on Thursday following reports that U.S. GDP contracted by 1% in the first quarter and that new claims for jobless benefits fell to 300,000. ...
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Should McDonald’s Be Even More Aggressive on Dividends and Buybacks?

McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) held an investor conference presentation on Wednesday, in which the world's largest retail food chain's president and chief executive officer, Don Thompson, announced an intensified commitment ...
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The 4 Stocks That Sank the Market

May 28, 2014: Markets opened mixed on Wednesday and both the DJIA and the Nasdaq Composite traded in negative territory all day. The S&P 500 made brief forays above ...
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McDonald’s Promises Investors 20% Higher Returns

Fast-food giant McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) announced Wednesday morning that it plans to return $18 billion to $20 billion to shareholders over the next three years, a 10% to 20% ...
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America’s 10 Most Familiar Brands

To be familiar with a brand means a deeper level of engagement than simple awareness. It implies knowing something about a brand other than its name. It is also not ...
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Why Does 7-Eleven Have 52,000 Stores?

From a single location in Texas in 1927, the 7-Eleven empire has grown to more than 52,000 stores in 15 countries. Those stores are no longer owned by a U.S. ...
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