Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE)

Sony PS4

Sony’s PS4 Sales Top 30 Million

It has been a decades-long battle between several generations of Sony's (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation, Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Xbox, and Nintendo. The No. 1 position has gone back and forth. Sony held ...
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Disney, Sony Reach Deal on Video Streaming

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) and Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) have signed a deal that will allow Sony to stream Disney-owned channels to subscribers to Sony's PlayStation Vue over-the-top (OTT) ...
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Activision’s ‘Taken King’ Sets Otherworldly Records

Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI) continued on its tear of record-breaking games when it released its newest installment in the Destiny series. This story may sound familiar, but that is ...
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Box Office

Box Office Surprises for Labor Day

It looks like the Labor Day weekend will have a surprise box office champ. “War Room,” a low-budget faith-based film from Sony Corp.’s (NYSE: SNE) Affirm Films is taking in ...
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ipod/iphone/mp3 player with earbuds

Too Many Streaming Music Services

Between Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) free streaming service and Taylor Swift's brutal attack on Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AAPL) plans to offer free trial subscriptions, something has been lost. There are too many ...
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Game Over

What to Expect From the E3 Expo

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is set to occur this week in Los Angeles. This is one of the largest trade fairs for the video game industry where developers, ...
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AvengersUltron image

10 Most Valuable Comic Book Movie Franchises

Comic books have been popular since the 1930s, but it is probably safe to say that the various superheroes who have populated the pages of those books have never been ...
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Cyber attack

Hackers Winning War for Online Security

One of the largest Internet security firms in the world -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) -- has issued a report that claims hackers have overwhelmed efforts to keep them from ...
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Sony Store

Sony PS Vue Only Available in 3 Cities

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) has announced its new PlayStation Vue TV product. It may be an attractive alternative to traditional cable and satellite systems. However, most people cannot get the ...
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apple iphone 6 intro

A Waterproof iPhone?

Water has long been the nemesis of cell phones. The 1996 Nokia model 638, a brick by today’s standards, did not react well to a dunking, and today’s smartphones are ...
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Smartphone, Tablet Gaming Far Outpaces Handheld Console Games

At the end of 2014, the installed base of smartphones worldwide was about 2.2 billion. There are, in addition, more than 600 million tablets in consumers’ hands as well. More ...
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Sony Store

Why Sony’s Profit Forecast Is Unbelievable

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) has set a profit forecast of 500 billion yen for its 2017 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2018. Operating income was 26 billion in the ...
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America’s Most Hated Companies

To be truly hated, a company must alienate a large number of people. It may irritate consumers with bad customer service, upset employees by paying low wages, and disappoint Wall ...
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The World’s Most Innovative Companies

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued 300,678 utility patents in 2014, many of them to just a handful of companies. More patents were issued in 2014 than ...
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PlayStation 4 white

Chinese Gamers Will Wait Longer for Sony PlayStation 4 Intro

Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) said in a statement Thursday that the scheduled January 11 launch of the company’s PlayStation 4 in China has been delayed. A new date has not ...
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