Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM)


Despite Strong August Sales, Top Auto Companies on the Decline

Markets were sliding into the close on Friday, and they were dragged down in part to major auto companies. This was unexpected as most of these companies posted solid August ...
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Smart car

Mercedes Smart Car Disappears

Mercedes-Benz USA sold 31,250 cars and light trucks in August, up 3.2% year over year. Sales of its tiny Smart car were only 617 units, down 53.7% from August last ...
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2015 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 Gaining Traction in Pickup Sales

Pickup truck sales in the United States rose year over year for all three big U.S. automakers, but the big news appears to be coming from the long-time leader in ...
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Cadillac, Lincoln Still Have Trouble Selling Cars

"Days to turn" remains one of the car industry's better measures of demand. Low days to turn means car makes shipped from manufacturers spent little time on dealer lots before ...
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August Car Sales Expected to Fall, Toyota in Trouble

Car companies have enough to worry about in China that they should not have to be troubled in the United States. However, new car sales are expected to drop by ...
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Traffic Jam

America’s Best and Worst Car Brands

 Auto companies often make use of awards and quality ratings -- when they’re good at least -- to attract car buyers. The most important brand quality surveys are performed by ...
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Wuling Hongguang

Low Exposure in China Makes Chrysler a Winner

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) have built infrastructure and marketing machines in China, presuming the world's most populous nation represents the future of car ...
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3 Chrysler Brands Rank Last in Customer Satisfaction

For the third consecutive year, customer satisfaction with new cars has fallen off, and the average score for all vehicles has dropped to its lowest level since 2004. The drop ...
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Best New Car Deals for August

The editors at Kelley Blue Book (KBB) have put together a list of the best lease, financing and cash-back deals available for the final two weeks of August. There are ...
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traffic jam

Where Automaker Stocks Are Headed After Earnings

A wide look at the auto industry after recent earnings reveals a diverse picture of foreign currency chaos, unsustainable debt, loose credit, a mixture of inflation and deflation, and some ...
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Toyota Profits Up 10% in Q1 of Fiscal 2016

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) reported first-quarter results Tuesday before markets opened. The Japanese automaker sold 2.11 million vehicles in the quarter ending June 30, a year-over-year decline of about ...
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Ford hybrid

Lincoln Sales Rise, as Mercedes and BMW Flatten and Cadillac’s Crash

Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE: F) Lincoln, which has been the whipping boy of the luxury car makers, made impressive gains in U.S. sales during July. Sales of market leaders Mercedes ...
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Red Hot Rod Vintage Car

Iconic Car Prices Then and Now

 In the last 35 years, much has changed in the auto industry. Each year, in an effort to stay fresh in the eyes of consumers, manufacturers tinker with their lineup ...
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July New Car Sales Will Push Annual Rate to 17.1 Million

Carmakers will report July 2015 sales of new light vehicles on Monday, and analysts are expecting monthly sales in the neighborhood of 1.47 million units and a seasonally adjusted annual ...
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Ten Most Shorted Stocks On NYSE

According to new data on short interest in the period which ended July 15, ten companies listed on the NYSE had short interest over 95 million shares. First among the companies is ...
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