Are Businesses More Worried About Regulation and Health Care Than About the Economy or Low Energy Prices?

Have you ever heard that politicians will only give the answers to the questions they want to answer, regardless of the question? It seems that businesses may now be in ...
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Welcome to Texas

Texas Manufacturing Remains Negative in June

Manufacturing activity is Texas continues to see pressure as the summer gets off to a start. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has signaled that June's manufacturing weakness continues despite ...
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Shipping containers

U.S. Sees Wider Trade Deficit in May

Long live the trade deficit! For many Americans the month report on U.S. International Trade in Goods is simply called the U.S. trade deficit. After all, when was the last ...
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London, England, Honor Guard

Why British Stocks Won’t Recover from Brexit Anytime Soon

London’s FTSE 100 opened down 9% at the open after the news of Brexit hit the wires. By the end of day, the UK market had bounced 6%, making day ...
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Texas bluebonnet field and fence in spring

McAllen Texas Tops List Of Idle Young Americans

According to a new study by 24/7 Wall St. entitled "Cities With The Most Idle Youth", McAllen, TX is the leader. The research was based on several factors: There are ...
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West Virginia University

West Virginia Is State With Most Drug Overdoses

According to a study by 24/7 Wall St. entitled "10 States With The Most Overdoses", West Virginia is at the top of the list. The details: Fatal drug overdoses are ...
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Flag of Great Britain

The Most Self-Serving Reaction To Brexit? Congresswoman Gwen Moore

With the possible exception of Donald's Trump's press conference at his Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland, the most self-serving comments about Brexit by any U.S. politician came from Congresswoman Gwen ...
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Will Brexit Drive U.K. Unemployment Back Toward 10%?

Which is worse for jobs in the U.K.? The Great Recession, or the Brexit? The world is about to find out. At the peak of the recession, U.K. unemployment reached ...
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Brexit Means California Could Soon Be World’s Fifth Largest Economy

Earlier this month, the state of California's GDP passed that of France to become the sixth largest in the world. The country just ahead of California, in fifth place, is the ...
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Flag of Great Britain

Brexit And U.K. Economy By The Numbers–GDP, Population, And Industry

Even Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was out of breath about new of the Brexit: "We take note of the decision by the people ...
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American flags

U.S. Markets Could Open Higher As Futures Rally

The effects of the Brexit on U.S. markets could be short lived. Futures have rallied off bottoms set just after the vote was announced. What the event will do to ...
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Flag of Great Britain

U.K. Markets Rally From Bottom After Brexit Drop

The only markets which have recovered from bottoms made by sell-offs in Asia and Europe are those in the U.K. The FTSE 100, which was off over 8% has come ...
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laptop PC

People Waste Time on Social Media While at Work

White little has been written about the effect of social media on worker productivity while people are on their jobs, new research shows that workers do waste time on social ...
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German flag

Eurozone June PMI Points to Weak Growth

The eurozone can be added to large economic areas with weak expansion, according to Markit Flash PMI for June. Add this to pessimism about the United States, recently voiced by ...
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IMF Says US Economy in ‘Good Shape,’ but Faces Challenges

With an unemployment level of 4.7% and 2.4 million new jobs created in 2015, the U.S. economy is "overall, in good shape" according a statement by the International Monetary Fund ...
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