Rivers In The Sky May Help US Drought

NOAA researchers have found Rivers In The Sky which carry more water than the Amazon or Mississippi. And, these could be a critical factor in bringing water to the drought ...
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China’s Economy Still Troubled, Based on PMI

China announced its gross domestic product (GDP) grew at 7.4% last year, which was a quarter of a percent low based on analysis by economists and journalists. Some fear the growth ...
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Why China’s President Just Got a 62% Pay Hike

Chinese President Xi Jinping just got a salary increase from 7,020 yuan per month (about $1,130) to 11,385 yuan (a little less than $1,850 a month). We would advise Xi ...
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IMF Cuts Global Growth Outlook

As the world's rich and powerful gather at Davos, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had a message for them and other world leaders. The agency followed the World Bank's decision ...
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Top 1% to Have Half the World’s Wealth Next Year

The very rich, known as the 1%, will get richer soon, to the tune of owning more than 50% of the world's wealth by 2016. The organization Oxfam released a ...
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2014 Is Earth’s Warmest Year on Record

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported Friday that the average combined global land and ocean surface temperature for 2014 was the highest ever recorded since record-keeping started in ...
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Over 60% of Public School Students in South Are Poor

Across the nation, 51% of public school children are low income students. In some parts of the South, that number exceeds 60%. The figures, based on location, appear like other ...
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The Case for Deflation After Labor Department Released CPI and PPI

So, all those fears about deflation that everyone was worried about in theory, they just might be starting to unfold, but this may be largely tied to falling oil and ...
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Americans Are Feeling Better About Their Financial Situation

For the first time since the Great Recession began, more Americans feel like they are better off now than a year ago than those who said they are in worse ...
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Consumer Conundrum: Lower Gas Prices Not Adding to Retail Sales

Plummeting oil prices are supposed to act as a huge pay raise for consumers. After all, less money filling up your car means more to spend elsewhere. Needless to say, ...
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Bad News and Good News on Greek Exit

The January 25 elections in Greece are raising concerns that if the current leader in the political polls wins the election, the country may threaten to leave the euro monetary ...
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World Bank Slashes Global Growth Forecast

The World Bank claims it sees the future and does not like it, at least economically. The organization cut its forecast for global GDP growth this year to 3%.0. The ...
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Small Business Optimism Posts 8-Year High in December

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Tuesday morning reported that its small business optimism index for December rose 2.3 points from 98.1 in November to come in at 100.4. ...
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Women Hold 19% of Board Seats in US

Women hold 19.2% of the board seats at S&P 500 companies in the United States. The number is in the middle of the pack among the world's largest countries, but ...
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The Rich Think the Poor Have It Too Easy

The more money you have the more likely you are to believe that the poorest Americans have it too easy. After all, the poor do not have to do anything ...
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