spraying soybeans

Don’t Tell Farmers Economy Is Getting Better; It’s Not

To hear the Federal Reserve's leadership talk, employment is nearly as good as it can be and economic strength has started to rekindle very modest inflation. Don't tell farmers who live ...
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Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Points to Rate Hikes Thru 2019: Full Employment, Inflation at Target

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spoke on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, California. Her speech was titled 'The Goals of Monetary Policy and How ...
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Young man using a credit card machine at a checkout counter in a supermarket

Consumers Want Premium Products — and They’re Willing to Pay for Them

While globalization has taken its lumps since last summer with the United Kingdom's Brexit vote and the November election of Donald Trump in the United States, one could argue that ...
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Woman handing over shopping bag retail

Consumer Inflation Now Firmly Hitting Janet Yellen’s Rate Hike Threshold

Just last week, producer prices indicated a stalling out at the wholesale level. Fortunately, or unfortunately, what happens in prices at the consumer level often lags the wholesale level. Now, ...
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Why the Border Adjustment Tax Is Already Losing Momentum

With a Republican House and Senate, corporate taxes under a Donald Trump presidency are almost certain to come down in 2017 and beyond. While many politicians have wanted more taxes ...
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Downtown Nashville

Nashville Leads List of Windiest American Cities

For those who think Chicago deserves the title of the "Windiest City in America," think again. Based on new research, Nashville holds that title. Chicago is not even in the ...
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Bill Gates

Bill Gates and 7 Others Have as Much Wealth as Poorest Half of the World

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) apparently cannot give away enough to help worthy causes. Oxfam has targeted him as one of the eight people who have wealth ...
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Retirement Fund

10 Worst States to Grow Old

There's a saying that growing old is not for the faint of heart. For most people incomes decline and health problems increase. That potent combination can make growing older a ...
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Concept photograph of cannabis leaf made of US dollar bills

Which Privately Held Firms Have a Bright Outlook for 2017?

By now the 2017 outlook for all sorts of asset classes has been sliced and diced by legions of commenters. There have even been a number of prognostications related to ...
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Cash register

Are Inflation and Consumer Spending Already Petering Out?

If you grew up any time prior to recent years, you might wonder why on earth anyone ever wants inflation to come back. The reality is far more complex, and the scare ...
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The California Drought, Which Was to Last Centuries, May Be Over

Recent storms that have brought heavy rain to Northern California are ending a years-long drought throughout most of the region. More rain storms are expected in the area, which will ...
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tired frustrated unhappy business person

Most Americans Can’t Afford Common Unexpected Expenses

How well do you prepare for the future or unforeseen costs that may come up? Some people put away money for a rainy day, to help out if they should ...
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World Economic Growth to Rise by 2.7%, Hampered by Latin America — World Bank

The World Bank has come out with its 2017 economic forecast, and the numbers are distressing. The global economy is expected to rise by 2.7%, below earlier forecasts. Trouble Latin America ...
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small business owner

Small Business Optimism Jumps to 12-Year High in December

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Tuesday morning reported that its small business optimism index for December rose 7.4 points from 98.4 in November to come in at 105.8. ...
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U.S.-Mexico border wall

How Much Will Trump’s Mexican Wall Cost?

President-elect Donald Trump says that his proposed wall between Mexico and much of the southern U.S. border will cost $8 billion to $12 billion, which is a very broad range. ...
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