Unemployment at Post-Recession Low, With Dismal Participation Rate

The U.S. Department of Labor has released the highly awaited unemployment and payrolls report for the month of June. All in all, it looks like an inline report, but the ...
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Cost of July Barbecue Soars

As we approach the Fourth of July, people are stocking up on fireworks and revving up their barbecue pits. Has anyone stopped to think about how much this costs? Compared ...
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ADP and TrimTabs Act to Book-End Labor Department Unemployment and Payrolls

Thursday will mark two key events, the first being the U.S. Department of Labor's report for unemployment and new payrolls for the month of June. The second will be that ...
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Factory Activity in Greece Collapses

According to global economic research firm Markit, Greece can add to its debt problems the fact that its factory activity is contracting sharply, and it will continue to do so ...
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Consumers Much More Confident This Summer

The Conference Board has released its Consumer Confidence Index for the month of June. Confidence was higher in June, after a moderate improvement in May. What really matters here is ...
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Unemployment at 12.6%, Poverty at 41%

At the depth of the recession, unemployment reached 10.1% in the United States. Today, its sits at 5.5%, and job additions have surged at an average rate of over 250,000 ...
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Greece Takes Downgrade by S&P, Sees 50% Exit of Euro

Greece is running out of friends. Standard & Poor's does not like what it sees in this Grexit game of chicken and political shell game that Greece is playing with ...
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Several Factors Could Impact Early Payrolls and Unemployment Report

This might seem as though it would be a quiet week, if the markets can overlook Greece and Puerto Rico. The Fourth of July holiday has created a shortened week, and that ...
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buy sell

Mixed Strategy for Asset Classes This Summer

Crisis often brings opportunity. The trick is all about timing and time in the market. If you can stomach yet another financial crisis, Greece is bringing that opportunity. At least ...
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Bull and Bear

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: American Water, CenturyLink, Chesapeake, Tesla, Macy’s, Chimera and More

Stocks were indicated much lower on the Grexit risks becoming almost a certainty. The one trend that has to be considered is that for almost four years, investors have literally ...
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The Fallout of Greek Shame

OK, so the news out of Greece is about as bad as one can get, short of military involvement. The financial markets are in turmoil, after somehow actually having been ...
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Will Pollution Kill China’s Growth?

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says that pollution will measurably cripple China's growth. His new book, “Dealing With China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower," is filled with warnings ...
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Can Greece and China Drop Oil Back to $50?

News of a market correction in China and a possible exit of Greece from the eurozone after a series of defaults pressured oil by over 2% to $58.37. A series ...
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European Stocks Down Almost 4% on Greek Panic

Banks did not open in Greece, although probably every Greek citizen would have taken his money and run. It appears there will be no deal on Greek debt with the ...
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American flag

Over 41 Million Americans Will Travel During July 4th Holiday

Strong employment. Cheap gas. The two equal a rise in the number of people who will travel over the July 4th holiday, according to the AAA. The organization's management reported: ...
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