US Leads Slowdown in OECD GDP Growth

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported Tuesday morning that real gross domestic product (GDP) growth among the OECD countries in the first quarter of 2015 slipped from ...
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traffic jam

Cities Where Commuting Is a Nightmare

The longest mean travel time to work in any U.S. city is nearly 40 minutes, and that is in New York City. The shortest mean commute time is just under ...
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UK Consumer Prices Fall for First Time Since 1960

Deflation, that ability to buy more goods and services for roughly the same amount, has started to take hold in the United Kingdom and threatens several other large economies. The ...
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German flag

Germany Signals Another Barrier to Global Growth

Germany is the fourth largest nation in the world, and the heart of Europe's economy. Concern about the future of its economy were posted in the latest version of economic ...
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Virginia and North Carolina: States Without Drought

As all of California and much of Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas wither under historic drought, some states have none. Among these are North Carolina and Virginia. Although their advantages are hard to ...
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Venezuela Flag

Venezuela Economy by the Numbers

Huge oil reserves. A totalitarian government. Ridiculous inflation. People who cannot find healthy food. Venezuela in 2015 -- an economy, and in some ways a country, falling apart. CNBC experts ...
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US GDP Growth Moves Toward Zero

A new Wall Street Journal poll of prominent economists revised their collective GDP growth estimate for the year from 2.7% to 2.2%. To some extent the worry about a slowdown ...
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PPI Brings More News of Deflation

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that the Producer Price Index for final demand fell by 0.4% in April. The seasonally adjusted figure is compared to a ...
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Crumbling Greek flag with euro

Greece Plunges Back Into Recession

Eurostat released gross domestic product (GDP) figures by country for the first quarter. While the euro area and several countries did well, Greece moved back into a recession, highlighting how ...
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Have Unemployment and Payrolls Reached the Perfect Storm for Stocks and Bonds?

Usually when people hear the word storm used, it means that catastrophe has struck. That just isn't always the case when it comes to the financial markets. The U.S. Labor ...
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Credit cards

Consumers Start Borrowing More

The Federal Reserve releases its report on consumer credit with a one-month lag, but there may finally be some good news for the economy here on this front. March saw ...
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Residents Feel Least Safe in Fresno, Most Safe in Des Moines

Fresno, Calif., got another black eye. Gallup has named it the city where people are least likely to feel safe. It is also one of the American cities with the ...
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greek flag

Greece Downgraded by Moody’s

In yet another sign that many experts believe Greece cannot reach an accord with its creditors before if runs out of money, Moody's downgraded its debt from Caa1 to Caa2 ...
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Fed Rate Hike Timing Delayed After Weak GDP and Deflation

The Federal Reserve just blinked in Wall Street's newest game -- that is the game of Rate Hike Chicken! After having moved from being patient to including the possibility of ...
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Baltimore Demographics: The City by the Numbers

As Baltimore disintegrates due to violence, it is worth looking at how different the city is from its home state of Maryland. The differences are in many cases tremendous, and ...
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