Cramer Outlines The Obama Target List (COF, ACI, MEE, X, SO)

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Cramer ImageTonight on CNBC’s MAD MONEY, Jim Cramer came out with several sectors that he thinks that President Obama will be trying to change, and noted Nancy Pelosi is in the fold as well.  He thinks they will be targets for change and these businesses can be hurt by government action more than by any competition.  He thinks credit cards, anything carbon, and healthcare are all at-risk sectors that could be hurt by Obama’s actions.

Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) is the one he is worried about even though the stock was one of his favorites.  He thinks that the big issuers are at risk here and now thinks Capital One is a SELL.  Anything carbon-related is at risk.  Arch Coal Inc. (NYSE: ACI) and Massey Energy Co. (NYSE: MEE) are at risk, but Cramer thinks China can keep their businesses from rotting.  This hurts the steel producers as well and he would sell US Steel (NYSEL: X) on this notion that they are tied to it.  He would also sell Southern Company (NYSE: SO) because it has 71% of its energy from fossil fuels.

In healthcare, he knows pharma and anything that makes a profit in that sector is a target.  He thinks this can drive down anything tied to healthcare as investors have to move to the sidelines to figure it out.

May 21, 2009

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