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Why the Jobs Market Keeps Looking Solid for 2017

If there is one measurement used to track the economy that matters the most to the public, it has to be about jobs. Gross domestic product can rise and fall, ...
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ADP Payrolls Strength Supports Trump Bump and Higher Labor Department Expectations

If economists and investors were looking for confirmation that the post-election rally was going to turn into real growth in economic readings, look no further than the January ADP Employment ...
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President Obama’s Final Unemployment and Payrolls Tally

If you ever wanted to find a major economic reading that always has the chance of moving a market that just does not matter for the time being, this Friday's ...
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Redmond, Oregon, Added the Most Jobs This Past Year

The U.S. economy added nearly 2.5 million workers to the list of the employed in the past 12 months, a gain of 1.7%. Employment is expanding even more rapidly in ...
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The 5 US Cities Losing the Most Jobs

The loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs over the past decade played a substantial role in November's presidential election. Rhetoric promising to bring manufacturing jobs back and vilifying U.S. trade agreements ...
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America’s Most Thriving Industry

In early 2008, the U.S. nonfarm payrolls totaled just over 138 million jobs. Two years later that total dropped to just under 130 million as the Great Recession reached its ...
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America’s 10 Most Endangered Jobs

In the 1967 film "The Graduate," Dustin Hoffman gets a single word of advice from a family friend: "Plastics." Half a century later that word would more likely be "Robotics." ...
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Best US Companies to Work for in 2017

Anyone who's been in the workforce for a few years has probably discovered that not all companies are created equal, at least as far as being good places to work ...
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Over 6 Million Americans Work Part Time but Would Like Full-Time Jobs

Americans puzzled by why unemployment of less than 5% has not caused a surge in either gross domestic product or inflation do not need to look beyond the workforce for ...
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Employment Trends Index Remains Strong in November

After last Friday's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on unemployment and payrolls, it was assumed that the labor market remained strong. There were less than solid payrolls gains, despite a ...
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November Unemployment Hits Post-Recession Low, With Caveats

Friday's only real economic report of much consequence was the U.S. Department of Labor's employment situation report. It turns out that the official unemployment rate for November dropped to a post-recovery ...
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ADP Payrolls Gain May Boost Labor Department Expectations — With a Caveat

Each and every month, the U.S. Department of Labor's payrolls and unemployment rate report is effectively previewed by ADP's monthly private sector payrolls report. These reports are not unilaterally mirror ...
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Small Business Trends Not Improving Much in November

Maybe there has been a huge stock market recovery and maybe consumer sentiment has screamed higher in the three weeks since the presidential election. The overall employment picture remains one ...
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Texas Jobs Market May Be Signaling Decent News for the Oil Patch

If you just read the headlines, you would think everything is great for the jobs market in Texas. The Texas Workforce Commission reported on Friday that the state added some ...
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Few Major Surprises in Job Openings (JOLTS) Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has issued its Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, or the JOLTS report. This is the number of job openings in America and comes ...
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