11 States With the Lowest Unemployment

With the national unemployment rate at 5.8% in November, the U.S. job recovery continues to plug along in search of what economists once called the natural rate, which was believed ...
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Minimum Wage to Rise in 21 States by New Year’s Day

By the first day of the new year, more than half the states will have passed legislation raising the minimum wage above the federal minimum of $7.25 first established in ...
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Wage Inequality Grows in America

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released its Global Wage Report 2014/2015. Most of its conclusions were grim, particularly in terms of advances in the United States. And much of ...
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More Strikes for Higher Wages Coming in 160 Cities

Following the Black Friday strikes and protests at more than 1,600 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) locations across the United States, fast-food workers will walk off the job in 160 ...
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Retailers Expected to Add 750,000 Holiday Jobs

A number of the nation's largest retailers have already announced they will add tens of thousands of jobs each for the season. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports the total ...
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U.S. Workers Forfeit 169 Million Vacation Days Every Year

In the 25 years between 1976 and 2000, American workers used 20.3 days of the vacation time they had earned. Since then, U.S. workers report that they take just 16 ...
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Unemployment in Spain Still Almost 25%

Spain announced what economists claimed was good news. The National Statistics Institute (INE) reported that unemployment dropped to 23.67% in the third quarter (la tasa de paro es del 23,67%) from ...
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American Executives Move Manufacturing Out of China

In a reversal of decades of American companies moving manufacturing from the United States to China -- presumably to save money -- executives of large firms have changed their minds ...
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Los Angeles Sets $15.25 Target for City’s Minimum Wage

In a measure introduced by the city’s mayor, the City Council of Los Angeles is now considering a proposal to raise the minimum wage in the city to $13.25 by ...
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Jobless Rate Still Above 10% in Several Cities

The recession has not left a number of cities, mostly in central California, which is racked by drought and a slow recovery from the housing bubble. As the national unemployment ...
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Chemical Engineering Is the Best-Paying Major

According to a new survey from the Hamilton Project, the median pay of people with degrees in chemical engineering is higher than any other major, when measured over a lifetime. ...
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credit cards

Starbucks Employees Can’t Get Tips via Credit Card

Only Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ: SBUX) knows what percentage of purchases in its stores are made by credit card, compared to cash, the company's apps and its physical Starbucks Cards. What ...
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University of Chicago campus

The Top 25 Universities to Work For

Rankings of colleges and universities have become an important resource for prospective students and their parents, offering a convenient way to make some basic comparisons of post-secondary institutions. The rankings ...
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MIT Is Top University in the World

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), known for graduating some of the world's greatest minds in physics, biology and economics, has been rated as the top university in the world. ...
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Are Detroit Companies Ready to Out-Hire Companies in Houston, NYC and Miami?

Is Detroit hiring really about to take off? The news flow out of Detroit was grim for longer than most major cities during the economic recovery, but a fresh report ...
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