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Why the Gig Economy Is Not as Cool as as People Think

Two-thirds of Americans who have worked as independent contractors in what is known as the "gig economy" would not choose to do so again. Less than half were satisfied with ...
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Emperor Akihito Has No Power

As Emperor Akihito hints he may step down in favor of his son, citing ill-health, it helps to remember he has no power. Akihito is nothing more than a figurehead, ...
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Less Than 50% of Workers Are Satisfied With Jobs

With unemployment at multiyear lows, it is unfortunate to see that a recent study shows only 46.9% of people are satisfied with their jobs. One of America's leading business research ...
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Are There Really Now Far Fewer Job Openings in America?

Americans have heard for years now that the jobs market is getting better, that higher pay is available elsewhere and that the unemployment and payrolls were improving. Politicians running for ...
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Huge Unexpected Boost in June Payrolls Report

Despite all the news of caution and concern, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) managed to show an upside blowout over expectations. The nonfarm payrolls rose by a sharp 287,000 in ...
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Weekly Jobless Claims Bring No Omen for Friday’s Unemployment and Payrolls Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its weekly jobless claims for the week ending July 1. Claims dropped by a much larger amount than expected, down to 254,000 from the ...
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What If the Jobs Report Shows June Added No Jobs?

The upcoming Employment Situation Report for June could show the economy has stalled, at least in terms of the addition of new jobs. The May report showed an addition of ...
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New Orleans and Baton Rouge Employers Expect No Change in Employment in Q3

Employers in all 100 of the largest federally recognized metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) expect net payroll increases in the third quarter. The expected increases among employers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge ...
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More Than Half of US Workers Too Busy to Take Time Off

In the 25 years between 1976 and 2000, American workers used an average of 20.3 days of the vacation time they had earned. Since then, U.S. workers report that they ...
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Relax About the Jobs Report, It’s Not That Bad

Meager job growth of only 38,000 jobs for May has the doomsayers and perma-bears all up in arms again. But as usual, precious few have reported Friday’s release on June ...
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Unemployment May Start to Rise

After the May jobs report, Jonathan Wright of Johns Hopkins University wrote for the Brookings Institute that the United States may have lost jobs last month. His math is unconventional, but ...
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Utah Is State Adding the Most Jobs

24/7 Wall St. recently published its study, "States Adding (and Losing) the Most Jobs." The state that added the most jobs between April 2011 and April 2016 was Utah, where the ...
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Weekly Jobless Claims Bring Back Scares to the Great Employment Economy

Weekly jobless claims posted a serious jump in the week ending May 7. The U.S. Department of Labor announced that seasonally adjusted claims rose a sharp 20,000 to 294,000. This ...
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Berkeley: 1 in 3 US Manufacturing Workers Get Public Aid

Between 2009 and 2013, the federal government and the states spent $10.2 billion annually on public safety net programs for 34% of frontline manufacturing production workers and their families who ...
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BLS JOLTS Report Shows Almost 5.8 Million Job Openings in America

Each month brings a new unemployment and payrolls report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Each one of those is followed by the so-called JOLTS report — this is ...
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