Unemployment Remains Above 20% in 2 Cities

Unemployment rates in two American cities are closer to the jobless rate of Greece than that of the United States. Yuma, Ariz., and El Centro, Calif., had the highest in ...
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Only 1% of Facebook Tech Employees Are Black

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) management issued a report showing that only 2% of its workers are black. Among tech workers, the figure falls to 1%. The social media company's executives claim ...
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Unemployment Drops Below 3% In Nebraska

The U.S. economy has added enough workers since unemployment hit 10% at the depths of the recession that the national jobless rate has moved down to 5.5%. The recovery has been ...
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Map of United States

Unemployment Rate at 7% in Nevada and West Virginia

While the U.S. unemployment rate hovers around 5.5%, and America added 280,000 jobs in May, some portions of the country have not entirely escaped the tail end of the recession. ...
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US Job Openings Now at All-Time High

When you hear that employers cannot find workers, or that job seekers are not happy with the available jobs, some market and economic watchers scratch their heads. Now a new ...
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Long-Term Unemployment Still at 2.4 Million

While the number of people employed in the United States surged higher by 280,000 in May, and the unemployment rate remained at 5.5%, the count of the long-term unemployed stayed at 2.4 ...
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Google Reports 21% of 2014 Tech Job Hires Were Women

Hoping to reverse the impression that Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is a male-dominated culture, particularly among its tech ranks, the huge search company disclosed that 21% of its job additions ...
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States With the Highest Jobless Rates

By Larry Ramer Most of the states with the highest unemployment rates have seen their labor markets rebound over the past year, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows. In ...
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Amazon Delivery Truck

Amazon to Add 6,000 Low-Paid Workers Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) will add 6,000 new jobs at its U.S. fulfillment centers. It is extremely unlikely that the jobs will pay well. Based on the company's description, the ...
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Starbucks Signs Up 1,800 for College Education Plan

In what is a modest start to the Starbuck Corp.'s (NASDAQ: SBUX) program to pay college tuition for its "partners," 1,800 have signed up for the coffee company's joint venture ...
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Why the Natural Unemployment Rate May Now Be Lower

The Chicago Federal Reserve recently released a report showing its projections regarding the changing labor force composition and the natural rate of unemployment. What is interesting about the observation is ...
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Unemployment Among Teens at 17.1%

As the U.S. economy adds jobs at a fast clip month by month, the rate for teenagers remains extremely high. The pool of people in this age group may have ...
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ADP and TrimTabs Throw Curve Ball to Labor Department Payrolls Expectations

The market has a huge discrepancy to deal with now for job creation and Friday's official payrolls report from the U.S. Department of Labor. ADP showed a projected 169,000 private ...
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Dow Chemical to Fire 3% of Employees, CEO Will Take No Pay Cut

The story is as old as publicly traded companies. Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW) will cut 3% of its workforce. Nothing in the corporation's press release mentioned whether Andrew N. ...
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New College Grads Have Median Salary of $45,478

New college graduates have a median starting salary of $45,478, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The data show the value of a college education. The median ...
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