Media Digest 6/17/2009 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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Reuters:   Obama proposed sweeping reform for financial industry.

Reuters:    A number of large banks repaid TARP. (JPM)(GS)(BBT)(COP)(STT)(AXP)(USB)

Reuters:   Consumer prices show inflation is in check.

Reuters:   China could still be a big buyer of US debt.

Reuters:   NYSE will create a derivatives clearing house.

Reuters:   Chrysler will start production at seven plants.

Reuters:   Rising interest rates hurt demand for US mortgages.

Reuters:   US arms sales should top $40 billion in 2009.

WSJ:   A poll shows the the US public is concerned about the deficit and federal economic intervention.

WSJ:   Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) are in a dispute over how their desktop apps work together.

WSJ:   The EU plan for a market watch dog troubles the UK.

WSJ:   Morgan Stanley (MS) says that Deutsche Bank (DB) will run the AIA IPO.

WSJ:   Eddie Bauer filed for bankruptcy.

WSJ:   The House approve a bill to give the FDA more power to regulate contaminated food.

WSJ:   Fedax (FDX) offered hope among its grim results.

WSJ:   “Environmental exchange BlueNext, Europe’s largest spot market for carbon credits, is partnering with a Chinese exchange.”

WSJ:   Intel (INTC) revamped its product lines and dropped Centrino.

WSJ:   Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing is still gaining market share.

WSJ:   Rising diesel costs are hurting industry.

WSJ:   Chapter 11 is emerging as the fasts way to break up and trade pieces of big companies.

WSJ:   Regulators will have to be better at tracing leverage.

WSJ:   China’s CIC is building staff around the world.

WSJ:   E*Trade (ETFC) got more support from Citadel.

WSJ:   Obama’s financial reforms could be bad for GE’s (GE) money arm.

WSJ:   Cablevision (CVC) shares are rising despite key ownership by the Dolan family.

WSJ:   Google (GOOG) is looking for ways to keep its big ideas as staff leaves.

WSJ:   Medtronic (MDT) paid a doctor accused of falsifying data.

WSJ:   Watson (WPI) will buy Arrow Group for $1.75 billion in a consolidation move in the generics industry.

WSJ:   BAT is tapping the growing Indonesian market.

WSJ:   SLM (SLM) got a deal with the government to service student loans.

WSJ:   United (UAUA) sees traffic falling sharply.

WSJ:   The BHP Billiton (BHP) deal with Rio Tinto (RTP) is gaining more support.

WSJ:   Boeing (BA) picked up some small but important business at the Paris Air Show.

WSJ:   A builder sued Marriottt (MAR) over costs.

WSJ:   Amazon (AMZN) bought software company SnapTel.

WSJ:   AT&T (T) altered its Apple (AAPL) iPhone subscriptions policies.

WSJ:   NBC (GE) will use Microsoft’s (MSFT) ad management software.

NYT:   Lawmakers are troubled by the expanded reach of the Fed.

NYT:   Banks may fight an agency being formed for consumer protection.

NYT:   The financial overhaul will not hurt S&P (MHP).

NYT:   S&P cut credit ratings on 22 banks.

FT:   AIG (AIG) picked Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank for its Asia IPO.

FT:   A Bain Capital partner may work with Boston Globe (NYT) workers to buy the paper.

Bloomberg. The World Bank raised its China growth forecast to 7.2%.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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