Cheap Eight O’Clock Coffee Beats Starbucks (SBUX) In Taste Test

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Eight O’Clock Coffee 100% Colombian at $6.28 per pound ranked number one in Consumer Reports’ tests of 19 ground coffees, besting Folgers, Maxwell House, and Starbucks— America’s best-selling ground coffees.

The independent testing firm reported "Starbucks Coffee Colombia Medium, $11.53 per pound, didn’t even place among the top regular coffees and trailed among decafs. While the Regular rated `Good,’ testers noted it had flaws such as burnt and bitter flavors; though milk and sugar may help," according to the firm’s press release on the results. Complete results will appear in the March issue of Consumer Reports

This is not the only time Starbucks has been victimized by Consumer Reports’. In a 2007 test, McDonald’s (MCD) coffee was found to be better tasting than Starbucks.

Either the coffee made by Starbucks is truly awful or it relationship with Consumer Reports’ is especially unfriendly.

Douglas A. McIntyre