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The Most Expensive Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl LI is just a few days away, and fans of both the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, as well as NFL fans in general, are scrambling ...
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America’s Happiest (and Most Miserable) States

Nationwide, Americans' well-being improved in 2016 compared to 2015 and 2014. While many enjoy comfortable, healthy, and happy living and take their well-being for granted, not all Americans enjoy such ...
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Youngest County in Every State

Due to continually improved life expectancy, and as baby boomers reach retirement age, the median age of the U.S. population has been steadily increasing. The typical American today is 37.6 ...
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States Where the Most People Have Green Cards

In an executive order signed Friday, President Donald Trump enacted a 120-day suspension of all refugee admissions to the United States, and a 90-day suspension of all visas for nationals ...
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States Adding the Most Jobs Since the Great Recession

The U.S. economy has changed drastically in the past decade. As the housing bubble burst and the economy spiraled into the worst recession the country has faced since the Great ...
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States With the Highest (and Lowest) Property Taxes

Property taxes are different from income and sales taxes. They do not depend on how much money you earn or on how much you spend. Property taxes are based entirely ...
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Group of four senior people sitting on wall outdoors, laughing

Oldest County in Every State

The U.S. median age has steadily increased over the past several decades. While the typical American was only 29.5 years old in 1960, the median age has risen to 37.6 ...
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12 Occupations With the Worst Job Security

Every month, millions of Americans leave their jobs, either because they are laid off or because they quit. While most American workers likely seek stable, long-term employment, millions of U.S. ...
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13 Professions With the Highest Job Security

Every month, millions of Americans leave their jobs, either because they are laid off or because they quit. While leaving work or quitting can be a step to a better ...
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Best place to live, Virginia

The Best Counties to Live In

An estimated 11.2% of Americans changed residences last year. Some of these left their homes for a new city, or suburb, looking for a better job and quality of life. ...
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Washington DC, United States landmark. National Capitol building with US flag.

15 Companies Making the Most From the Government

U.S. government federal contract spending totaled $436.9 billion in 2015, with an estimated 64% of the spending going to national defense contracts. The U.S. defense budget is by far the ...
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Senior man fell down the stairs

States Where Seniors Are Most Likely to Die From a Fall

Many Americans entering old age can look forward to a comfortable retirement, pursuing lingering life goals, and sharing a life of experience with younger generations. However, the physical decline that ...
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Student raising hand in school

States With the Best (and Worst) Schools

Few concerns facing the United States -- or any nation -- are more important than ensuring children receive a first-rate education. At her confirmation hearing on Tuesday, U.S. education secretary ...
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The Best and Worst States to Grow Old

The nation's elderly population is growing. The 2010 decennial census recorded the greatest number and proportion of Americans age 65 and older ever recorded, at 40.3 million people, or 13% ...
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The Worst Counties to Live In

The U.S. population reached 316.5 million in 2015, an increase of 12.5 million from five years ago. In some areas of the country, however, the population declined substantially over that ...
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