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Why This Analyst Is So Positive on Delta Air

Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) has been riding high on lower oil prices throughout the past year, and it looks like the airline will continue to do so, according ...
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How Airlines Have to Treat the Risks After This Tragic Plane Crash

The tragic plane crash in Europe this week has turned out to be even more tragic than most travelers and media watchers may have ever imagined. The copilot appears to ...
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The World’s Safest Airlines Include Lufthansa

Lufthansa made the list of the "World's Safest Airlines for 2015." It is a sign that even carriers with impeccable records can suffer a tragic accident like the one ...
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Battle Between US, Persian Gulf Carriers Over Airline Routes Heats Up

The three largest U.S. airlines have charged three major Persian Gulf carriers with accepting $42 billion in subsidies over the past decade and using the money to steal market share on ...
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American Airlines Replaces Allergan in S&P 500

American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) will be the newest addition to the S&P 500, taking the place of Allergan Inc. (NYSE: AGN). The change will occur after the close ...
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Air Travel Surges to Highest Level in 7 Years

Airlines have been able to raise ticket prices almost at will, it seems. They have added fees for everything from baggage to blankets. Add to those advantages a plunge in ...
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January Traffic Stalls at Two Airlines

Both Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) and American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) reported January traffic numbers Monday morning, and investors are less than enthusiastic. Southwest’s revenue passenger miles rose ...
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Boeing’s 777X Wing Plant Sprouts Steel

When Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and its Washington-state based machinists’ union agreed on a new contract in January of last year, the company went to work on its wing assembly ...
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Boeing Takes New Order for $1.4 Billion; Airbus Nabs $828 Million

Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) announced Friday morning that Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has ordered three of the company’s 787-10 Dreamliners and five of its current version of the 737-800 ...
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First American Airlines 787 Dreamliner Delivered

American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) has accepted delivery of its first 787 Dreamliner from Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), and the plane is being flown to Dallas/Fort Worth on Friday ...
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Airlines Hit New Highs, Driven by Earnings and Oil

Falling oil prices over the past seven months have negatively impacted some industries. However, one big winner from lower crude prices has been the airlines. The lower cost oil yields a lower cost ...
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United Readies Order for 10 Boeing 777s

The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) appears to have found a new customer for its current twin-engine, wide-body 777. United Continental Holdings Inc. (NYSE: UAL) is reportedly preparing to place an order ...
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Boeing Counters Airbus A350 Maiden Flight News With 787 Order Announcement

Airbus delivered its first twin-engine, wide-body A350 to launch customer Qatar Airways on December 22. On Thursday that airplane left Doha on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany, for its first ...
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2 US Airlines Among World’s Safest

Given the number of lives lost in 2014 due to airplane crashes, it may seem a bit cynical to review a report on airline safety. However, an airline safety rating ...
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Credit Suisse’s Top Airline Stocks for 2015

As oil prices continued to fall in the second half of 2014, airline stocks soared higher on improved margins, and more investors are looking into this industry. Credit Suisse issued ...
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