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The 10 Most Hated Brands

Brand Keys has released a list of "America's 10 Least Engaging Brands." These brands disappoint their customers and, based on the definition of a brand's status, they are the most widely hated. ...
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Amazon Prime Air

Drone Price Hits $10,000 on Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) sells drones for a little as $40. At the high end of the drone spectrum, Amazon has drones priced at $10,000. A drone for everyone, these ...
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Red Bull Followers on Facebook Top 45 Million

Red Bull's Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) followers topped 45 million recently, putting it at number three among all products followed. It trailed only Facebook for Every Phone and Alphabet Inc.'s (NASDAQ: ...
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The Most Popular Brand in Each State

Marketing agencies make it a priority to identify the nation’s regional brand tastes -- why people choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi, or Ford over Chrysler -- in one part of the ...
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Why Is the Nissan Versa the Cheapest Car in America?

24/7 Wall St. did an analysis of the "10 Cheapest Cars In America". While many of the world's largest car companies have vehicles on the list, the Nissan Vera, made ...
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Apple Named Top Corporate Brand With $170 Billion Value

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) was named the most valuable global brand in the 2015 Interbrand World's Best 100 Global Brand survey, with a value of $170 billion, up 43%. Google ...
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America’s Best and Worst Car Brands

 Auto companies often make use of awards and quality ratings -- when they’re good at least -- to attract car buyers. The most important brand quality surveys are performed by ...
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New Google Maps Remembers Where You’ve Been

In another example of how "Big Brother" has rapidly moved into the world of tech, Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) new Maps product can tell you where you have been. But ...
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Tesla Among Most Valuable Brands

A recent survey of consumers’ perceptions of innovative technology brands includes the usual suspects at the top of the list, but one, perhaps, unusual suspect sneaked into the top five. ...
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Does Wal-Mart Still Sell Confederate Flags?

On Monday, in response to a query from CNN, a spokesman for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) said that the company had taken “steps to remove all items promoting the ...
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Why Nike Can Sell a $225 Running Shoe

Brand power? Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) offers a $225 running shoe, in a world with plenty of shoes available for $100 or less. Even Nike offers running shoes below $100. ...
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Amazon Tops Wal-Mart in Brand Survey

In yet another measure of Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AMZN) dominance among retailers, a new survey ranked its brand value well ahead of all other companies in the segment. Particularly impressive ...
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Toyota Top Car Company on Global Brands List

One of the two industries that have been slowest to recover from the financial crisis is automobile manufacturing. In 2006, the top car brand ranked 10th among all brands, with ...
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Apple Tops Brand Value List, IBM Loses Ground

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) tops every brand value list. The carefully followed annual BrandZ Top 100 Valuable Global Brands of 2015 is no exception. While most of the brands on this ...
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The 9 Most Misleading Product Claims

It can be difficult for consumers to distinguish false advertising claims from true ones, especially when they are made by credible-sounding advocates. When companies with enormous spending power are ...
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