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Why Disney CEO Makes $47 Million

The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) filed a Schedule 14A definitive proxy statement after markets closed on Friday. The company’s annual meeting is scheduled for March 12, and one of ...
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Why the Abercrombie CEO Departure Is Good

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE: ANF) has announced that Michael Jefferies is retiring as chief executive and a member of the board effective immediately. This comes right in the middle ...
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Seven CEOs Made More Than Their Companies Paid in Taxes

Seven CEOs among those who run the nation's 30 largest companies made more than their firms paid in federal income tax, according to the Center for Effective Government. According to ...
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Companies Paying Americans the Least

In the wake of mounting protests from labor groups, numerous U.S. localities have approved minimum wage increases, including two of the nation’s largest cities, Seattle and San Francisco. Yet, especially ...
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Starbucks Gives Its Workers a Raise

In a period in which debates over the minimum wage roar and retailers consider paying their workers more, Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ: SBUX) is among the companies that compensates its workers ...
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Analysts Take Very Mixed View of Sudden AMD CEO Change

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) has not handled very well to the sudden and unexpected news that Rory Read is stepping down as chief executive of AMD. While the ...
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CEO Change at AMD Announced Without Much Explanation

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) has made a significant, and somewhat unexpected, management change and succession plan. The processing and graphics company announced that Rory Read has stepped down ...
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New York Times Gives Back Its Layoff Gains

It is hard to fool all of investors all of the time. The New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) did succeed in fooling some investors over the course of the ...
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Top Stocks With Insider Buying and Selling This Week

After a week that had almost every possible component for investors, from good earnings to a steep sell-off to numerous geopolitical issues, there was still some sizable insider transactions on ...
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Dov Charney Will Ruin American Apparel

American Apparel Inc. (NYSEMKT: APP) is about to be torn to shreds by the battle against ousted CEO Dov Charney. The company's financial situation is precarious, and its board and management cannot ...
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Eight Companies That Owe Employees a Raise

With the stock market reaching new heights daily, companies' profit margins at multi-decade highs, and falling unemployment, many Americans may be wondering when they will start to see the benefits ...
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Ten Companies With the Least Valuable Workers

Revenue per employee is one measure of a company’s productivity. Some companies generate significant revenue per employee that runs into the millions of dollars. Others generate only a fraction of ...
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Nine College Presidents Made Over $1 Million, One Made Under $15,000

One million dollars a year in compensation may not seem like very much anymore. Almost every public company CEO makes that much. So do countless bankers, hedge fund managers and ...
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Only 3% of New CEOs Are Women

Women have made very little progress in terms of what they make compared to men in similar jobs. The equality situation is even worse in the CEO's office. Only 3% ...
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Tesla Chief Musk Makes $70,000

Tesla Motors Inc.'s (NASDAQ: TSLA) chief executive Elon Musk is not among the CEOs who are paid only $1 a year. However, he is close. In 2013, Musk made only ...
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