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Kodak’s Former CEO Gets Double for Nothing

As a reward for Antonio Perez's outstanding performance as CEO of Eastman Kodak Co. (NYSE: KODK) last year, he received $6.71 million. Perez was named Kodak's CEO in 2005 and ...
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Jamie Dimon Take Home Pay $11.8 Million for 2013

Being a bank CEO and Chairman is still no easy task in the current climate. In the world of the public reviewing CEO pay, it turns out that Jamie Dimon ...
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Ten Threats to Microsoft’s Success

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) has entered into a new era. With Satya Nadella in charge as Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are out as far as running the daily operations. ...
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Nine CEOs with the Worst Reputations

A good manager understands the contribution of his or her employees. In return, managers often receive the respect of their workers. And indeed, more than two-thirds of American employees approve ...
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Google CEO Page Paid $1

For all the work he did to help Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) become the third most valuable public company in the U.S. , CEO and founder Larry Page was paid ...
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Ford CEO Makes $23 Million

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) CEO Alan Mulally will be remembered for two things. The first is that he turned around the No. 2 U.S. car maker and kept it ...
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J.C. Penney CEO Gets Huge Raise

J.C. Penney Co. Inc.'s (NYSE: JCP) Myron E. (Mike) Ullman just got a huge boost in pay after spending a year trying to right the sinking retailer's ship. Whether he ...
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Xerox HQ

Time for Xerox Board to Fire CEO Burns

When Barclays cut its rating of Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX) to Underweight from Equal Weight, just after the company reported 2013 earnings a few weeks ago, the bank's research arm ...
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Did New GM CEO Mary Barra Get Fair Pay at $1.6 Million?

New General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) CEO Mary Barra will get a base salary of $1.6 million. She can make about three times that in total bonuses and other compensation, ...
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Why No CEO Hall of Fame?

Baseball writers recently put three players into the Hall of Fame. The voters were 571 members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. There is no CEO Hall of Fame ...
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The Highest Paid College President Made $3.3 Million

Every year, the Chronicle of Higher Education puts out its list of the compensation of 550 presidents at America's private colleges. Forty-two of them made more than $1 million in ...
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Eight Outrageous CEO Perks

CEO compensation, relative to the amount the average american is paid, has skyrocketed in the past few decades. In 1965, the average CEO pay was 18.3 times the average worker ...
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Abercrombie to Stick With Overpaid, Underperforming CEO

The board of directors at Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE: ANF) has decided to extend the contract of CEO Michael Jeffries, and activist investor Engaged Capital LLC could not be more ...
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Numbers Of Women In Top Board And Executive Jobs Stays Poor

New research show that women have not been able to break the glass ceiling at many large corporations, at least as measured by their numbers in senior management and on ...
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When Athletes Become More Overpaid Than CEOs

The criticism of CEO pay over worker pay is an age-old discussion. It has become one of the key points as the discussions about inequality picks up or goes quiet. Defending pay ...
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