2 Major Upgrades Seen for China: CNOOC and China Life

Are things really as bad in China as you might have been led to believe? The answer to that depends on whom you ask, and perhaps what country you live ...
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traffic jam

Auto-Sharing: Bad News for Carmakers?

There are more than 250 million vehicles on U.S. highways today, but that number could drop and drop fast if researchers in Taiwan are correct about the growth of car ...
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Fitch Warns That Market Pessimism in China Could Be Overdone

Fitch Ratings has issued one of those reports that may actually move some of the most negative views from investors either more positive or at least toward being less negative. ...
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Short Interest in Apple Jumps Higher

As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares sell off to "correction" territory, mostly on concerns about China sales, short sellers upped their bet against the stock by 4.7 million shares sold ...
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Wuling Hongguang

Low Exposure in China Makes Chrysler a Winner

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) have built infrastructure and marketing machines in China, presuming the world's most populous nation represents the future of car ...
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Shanghai Closes Down Sharply, Europe Slides

China had another bad day. The Shanghai Composite dropped 1.2% to 2,927. Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped 1.5 to 21,080. No amount of stimulus from the central government, be it ...
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Federal Reserve

Fed Funds Futures Signal December 2015 to January 2016 Fed Rate Hike Bias

With every stock market pullback, or a mini-crash, investors just about always have to consider what it means for interest rates. In the latest case, with the Dow Jones Industrial ...
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Chinese flag

How the Markets See China Rate Cut and Bank Reserve Requirement Cut

China has decided to respond to the major market concerns out of Shanghai. The move has bolstered exchange levels, although some of the moves may feel a bit muted compared ...
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global economy

Asia Continues Collapse, but Europe Rallies

European investors decided Asia's problems are Asia's problems and rallied at the open after, another terrible trading day in the Far East. The Nikkei was hit 4% to 17,806. The ...
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China Internet

4 Speculative Chinese Stocks That Tanked Far Worse Than Shanghai Did Monday

Monday's global equity market trading day was nothing short of having a sudden irritable bowel syndrome attack. That was true for the United States and Europe, and for emerging markets, ...
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Slumping Car Sales in China Contribute to GM 52-Week Low

When the U.S. markets opened for trading Monday morning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded down more than 900 points, about 5.6%, while the S&P 500 was off about 3.4% ...
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During Massive Sell-Offs, Triple-Leverage ETFs Look Nuts With NYSE Circuit Breakers

During market sell-offs, market crashes and periods of major uncertainty, stocks get battered and volatility rules. Then there is the other extreme in a correction -- triple-leverage ETFs. It is ...
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ETF investing

Bonds Versus Stocks in a Sell-Off, via ETFs

Any time there is a major sell-off in stock, bonds usually are the beneficiary. The problem this time around is that interest rates are already so low that one has ...
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The Shanghai Carnage

Over the weekend markets had a tremendous fall, not just on the U.S. front but practically all markets are suffering. Monday morning, Dow futures are projected down around 600 points ...
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EU flag

European Markets Open Down 3%, Could Move to US

Major markets in Europe opened down 3% and then recovered slightly. Just after the open, the FTSE 100 was off 2.2% to 6,053. The French CAC 40 was down 2.4% ...
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