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Consumer Confidence Hits 17-Year High Rather Than an Expected Drop

The Conference Board has released its latest view on consumer confidence, showing that it remains at a 17-year high. November's index for confidence rose to 129.5 in November from 126.2 ...
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Small Business Optimism Runs Into Risks on Hiring New Employees

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has released its October Small Business Optimism Index, showing that optimism remained at lofty levels. In fact, the index rose to 103.8 from ...
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Employment Trends Index Confirms Strong Job Market

The Conference Board may be best known for its consumer confidence readings, but the group also issues its Employment Trends Index. After a better snapback recovery in payrolls than the ...
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Consumer Sentiment Softens but Remains Close to Multiyear Highs

The University of Michigan's reading on consumer sentiment slipped marginally lower at the month-end revision for October. Its Index of Consumer Sentiment came in at 100.7 in the revised number, ...
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Nearly Half of Americans Plan to Make Substantial Purchase This Year

Nearly half of Americans say they are very likely to make a considerable purchase — an airline ticket, furniture, a computer, a smartphone, a computer or home appliance — before ...
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Consumer Confidence Continues to Improve in August

Consumer confidence continued to improve in August. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index increased to 122.9 from 121.1 in June. Bloomberg had consensus estimates calling for the index to back ...
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Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Rises in July

Consumer confidence managed to improve in July. The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index rose to 121.1 from 117.3 in June. Bloomberg was calling for the index to dip to 117.0 ...
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Consumer Confidence Makes Unexpected Gain in June

Consumer confidence held stronger in June, versus the preliminary expectations. The Conference Board released its Consumer Confidence Index, which showed a moderate increase in June over May: 118.9 versus 117.6. ...
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Should Lower Consumer Confidence Act be a Red Flag for Stock Market Bulls?

The end of 2016 and the start of 2017 have been quite positive for the equity markets. The driving forces include promises of a more pro-business and tax-friendly regime, but ...
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Why Consumer Confidence Soared Off the Charts in March

Consumers are confident. Extremely confident. The economic news might have been expected to be weak considering eight straight days of a drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Apparently consumers did ...
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March Consumer Confidence Index Hits 16-Year High

The Conference Board has released its latest monthly consumer confidence numbers. March's Consumer Confidence Index reached 125.6 in March, up from 116.1 in February. The index is based on a ...
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Optimists and Pessimists

How Politics Is Juicing Up Consumer Sentiment to Decade Highs

Friday's economic news may have been dominated by weak headline reports on gross domestic product and durable goods, but these numbers were for the end of 2016. The 2017 economic ...
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Consumer Confidence Continues Its Post-Election Surge in December

The Conference Board has released its consumer confidence index for December. The index rose to 113.7 from 109.4 in November. Bloomberg had a consensus estimate of 108.5, versus 107.1 in ...
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Consumer Confidence Rushes Higher — University of Michigan

The announcement: As unexpected as Donald Trump’s presidential election, consumers expressed much more positive economic expectations following his victory. While the surge in confidence ended by mid-December, it nonetheless led ...
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Should the Major Pop in Consumer Confidence Really Be a Big Surprise?

Whether economists were caught by surprise over the strength of Consumer Confidence was entirely predictable probably remains up for debate. What should not be up for debate is that investors ...
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