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5 Dividend Stocks You Can Still Buy With Market at Record Highs

There is always a good side and bad side to the situation when the markets are hitting new all-time highs, especially when it seems like a daily occurrence. The good ...
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Boeing Cuts 777 Production; Iran Says Company to Finance First 6 Planes

After markets closed on Monday, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) announced that it will raise its dividend by 30% and renew its share repurchase program with a $14 billion authorization. The ...
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Meet the Preliminary 2017 Dogs of the Dow for Massive Dividends

The end of 2016 has brought a serious change for the markets and for investors. It turns out that Donald Trump's infrastructure and pro-growth initiatives have created a serious demand ...
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Fed Will Raise Rates This Week: 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy That Should Do Fine

They pushed it out as far as they could, but the data are way too strong and the time has come for the Federal Reserve to start raising rates again. ...
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The 11 Most Attractive Dow Stocks for 2017: Is DJIA 22,000 in the Cards?

As 2016 winds down and 2017 becomes the prevailing concern, investors have to wonder what to expect. Donald Trump unexpectedly beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and now both sides ...
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4 Merrill Lynch Med Tech and Drug Dividend Stocks to Buy With Huge 2017 Potential

One thing that many on Wall Street felt was hampering the pharmaceutical and medical technology stocks was the potential for a Hillary Clinton victory last month. Her harsh rhetoric on drug ...
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5 Dividend Retirement Stocks to Buy Now and Hold Forever

While interest rates have jumped dramatically recently, much of it has to do with market anticipation on what most experts feel will be a December rate hike by the Federal ...
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Merrill Lynch Makes Huge Changes by Removing 2 Blue Chips From US 1 List

With just over a month left in 2016, many of the top companies we follow on Wall Street are making some changes to the lists of their high conviction stock ...
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5 Very Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy Now and Hold Forever

With the markets warming up to the reality of a Donald Trump presidency and administration, some people have become nervous about dividend-paying stocks as they see higher interest rates and ...
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Can DJIA Still Rise to 19,700 by End of 2016?

In the first days of each year, 24/7 Wall St. uses the average implied upside of each Dow Jones Industrial Average component to generate an upside price target. It ...
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UBS Blue Chip Dividend Ruler Stocks On Sale After Wild Election

After one of the craziest elections in U.S. history, one thing is for sure, change is coming. and it will be coming in huge doses. Interest rates that been held ...
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Old-School Dividend Growth Stocks the Way to Go Now: 4 Top Analyst Buys

They never saw it coming, a Trump victory, and the Republicans holding both chambers of Congress. The good thing for investors is the Republican leaders in the House and the ...
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Merrill Lynch Makes Huge Change to US 1 List for Q4

With earnings for the third quarter all but over, and the fourth quarter of 2016 in full swing, many of the top companies we follow on Wall Street are making ...
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Beyond Election Results: 5 Top Tech Dividends That Will Deliver in 2017

It seems as though the election cycle has gone on forever, because it has, and today finally the election will be held. While both sides feel their candidate will be ...
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Is the Huge Windstream Dividend Yield Safe After the EarthLink Merger?

Windstream Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: WIN) is one company that many traditional investors for years have had a very time understanding its extremely high dividend rates. After all, a dividend yield of ...
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