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4 Top Merrill Lynch Growth Stocks to Buy Also Pay Huge Dividends

Despite the chatter that the Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates as many as three times this year, investors for the most part have responded with a yawn. ...
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Jefferies Adds Big Dividend-Paying Leader to Franchise Picks List

As we head deeper into February, many of the top firms we cover here at 24/7 Wall St. are tweaking their high-conviction stock lists for 2017, and many are trying ...
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Verizon and AT&T Take Different Paths During Earnings Season and in M&A Views

Earnings season always has a chance of bringing some rather unexpected surprises. That was certainly the case for Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) in January after it missed on earnings ...
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Top Analysts Love These 5 Buy-Rated Dividend Aristocrats for 2017

The pricier the market gets, the more it makes sense to stay with industry leaders, especially those that have paid and raised their dividends consistently. One of the most famous ...
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7 MLP Giants That Keep Raising Distributions, Even Through Recent Hard Times

With oil having rallied massively from its 2016 lows, the investor interest in the energy sector has come back strong. The post-election rally also seen as pro-energy, and that is ...
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What Could Help Exxon and Chevron Repeat 2016 Gains in 2017

2016 was a total reversal of fortune for the big oil companies. While some of the second- and third-tier oil players saw massive gains, there were rather impressive gains seen ...
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5 Merrill Lynch Stocks to Buy That Are 2017 Dividend Aristocrats

With the holidays over, traders and portfolio managers are finally returning to action, while investors are focused on what to own for 2017. One thing is for sure: in less ...
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Meet the 2017 Dogs of the Dow: Massive Dividends and Expected Upside

The year 2016 went out with a bang for stock investors after large November and December post-election rallying. Closing at 19,762.60 on December 30, the Dow Jones Industrial Average may ...
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4 Top Jefferies End-of-Year Stock Buys That All Pay Big Dividends

With the market creeping toward the end of 2016, many of the firms we cover here at 24/7 Wall St. are in vacation mode, and new research, as is always ...
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Merrill Lynch Has 4 Buy-Rated Stocks for 2017 That Yield at Least 7%

With the first interest rate hike in a year out of the way, investors can bet that more are on the horizon. With that in mind, even if the Federal ...
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UBS Dividend Rulers Portfolio Makes a Huge Late 2016 Addition

With the fear of higher rates weighing on many of the bond proxy sectors like telecom, real estate investment trusts and utilities, it is important to remember that dividends are a ...
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5 Dividend Stocks You Can Still Buy With Market at Record Highs

There is always a good side and bad side to the situation when the markets are hitting new all-time highs, especially when it seems like a daily occurrence. The good ...
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Boeing Cuts 777 Production; Iran Says Company to Finance First 6 Planes

After markets closed on Monday, Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) announced that it will raise its dividend by 30% and renew its share repurchase program with a $14 billion authorization. The ...
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Meet the Preliminary 2017 Dogs of the Dow for Massive Dividends

The end of 2016 has brought a serious change for the markets and for investors. It turns out that Donald Trump's infrastructure and pro-growth initiatives have created a serious demand ...
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Fed Will Raise Rates This Week: 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy That Should Do Fine

They pushed it out as far as they could, but the data are way too strong and the time has come for the Federal Reserve to start raising rates again. ...
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