Bright Scholar Files for IPO

Bright Scholar Education Holdings has filed an F-1 form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding its initial public offering (IPO). No pricing details were listed in the ...
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Student Loans Help Pay for the Beer and Bikinis of Spring Break

Have you ever wondered how cash-strapped college students manage to pay for those spring break trips to sunnier climes? After all, plane tickets, lodging, meals, adult beverages — all these ...
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Universities Raise $41 Billion, Harvard Leads With $1.2 Billion

Harvard University is the top 0.001% of the academic world. Last year America's colleges and universities raised $41 billion, according to the Council for Aid to Education. Of the total, ...
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College Endowment Values Dropped in 2016, Despite Market Rise

The bull market has not helped the value of college and university endowments. They fell 1.9% in the fiscal year that ended one June 30, 2016. Endowments did little better ...
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Average Student Debt Hits $30,000 for Class of 2015

A student who graduates with $30,000 in debt could take years to pay it off, or may not pay it off at all, falling into default. According to the Institute for ...
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Top 25 Online MBA Programs 2017

No matter how you slice it, post-BA higher education is getting more expensive. Tuition costs are rising, as are the other costs associated with graduate school such as housing, food, ...
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Student Loan Default Rate Continues to Decline

It is no secret that the student loan burden has reached a serious level in America. In fact, student loans for college and graduate degrees are muting the ability for ...
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10 Cities Where People Spend the Most for Schools

One consideration many buyers place at the top of their lists when shopping for a new home is the quality of the local public school system. Homes in these districts ...
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9 Ways to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

Each year's back-to-school shopping season is the second largest holiday season for retailers. This may be well short of the November and December rush, but it is larger than many ...
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13 Serious Ways to Save on Back-to-School Spending and 8 Top Destinations

Each year's back-to-school shopping season acts like a mini-Christmas and mini-holiday season in August for retailers. While it is a fraction of total retail versus the holidays, the wave of ...
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A New Amazon Prime Benefit: Cheaper Student Loans

Where federally guaranteed student loans were once reasonable profit-makers for private lenders like banks and credit unions, that situation changed in 2010 when the federal government began making direct loans ...
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New Hampshire Spends Least Among States on Public Higher Education

New Hampshire spends the least on public higher education among America's 50 states. In most states in which this is true, tuitions are high. In the study, "States Investing the Most in ...
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How Average Student Loan Debt Is Much Lower in California Than New York

The burden of student debt is reaching epic proportions in the United States. This trend has grown in recent years and is expected to continue in the years ahead. It ...
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Why Credit Suisse Is Now Positive on Education Stocks

Credit Suisse made a point to highlight key education companies that stand to outperform the markets in 2016. Interestingly, some of these companies with the positive rating are in the ...
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Harvard Endowment Tops $36 Billion

Harvard's endowment rose slightly to $36.5 billion in the fiscal year that ended last June. Its figure improved 1.6%. Yale's endowment rose 7% but trailed Harvard's by a mile, with ...
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