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Why France’s Economy Matters So Much: France by the Numbers

Western financial markets got a major boost on Monday morning. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were up over 1% (200+ points), the CAC 40 in France was up 4.5% (230 points), ...
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ECB Tapering of Quantitative Easing Outlined for 2017

The European Central Bank (ECB) is here to stay with quantitative easing measures. Sort of. President Mario Draghi announced on Thursday that the ECB was going to extend its purchases ...
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Global Tally of Negative Interest Rates Continues to Decline

For those of you who view negative interest rates on sovereign debt as a tax, there is good news. For those of you who want to use sovereign debt as ...
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IMF Further Downgrades Global Growth Forecasts

Another day, another downgrade to global growth forecasts. That is the message we are hearing yet again from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday. The IMF sees subdued global ...
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One Less Negative Yield Bund in Germany, a Million More to Go

You might not have seen the end nor heard the end of the world of negative interest rates yet. Just don't tell that to longer-term and intermediate-term German bund traders. Short ...
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ECB Rate Decision Delivers No More Free Money to the Markets

President Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank (ECB) may have dashed some of the ambitions of investors who have been hoping for the endless quantitative easing money that they ...
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Europe’s Banks Need to Merge, Get Bigger

With interest rates remaining very low — and no end to the low-rate regime in sight — banks of all sizes are having a hard time making a profit. John ...
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Sovereign Debt With Negative Yields Now Tops $11.7 Trillion

The demand for safe-haven trades is becoming almost zany. It seems unthinkable that there was nearly $10 trillion in sovereign debt with negative yields just a few weeks ago. Now ...
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Euro and PIIGS ETFs Crushed on Brexit Outcome, Down 10 Percent Or More

With the Brexit Vote only adding that much more uncertainty, the reality is setting in that this could spell long-term trouble for the European Union. Britain never did share its ...
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11 Economists, Analysts, Market Watchers State Views on Brexit Fallout Ahead

24/7 Wall St. wanted to offer up some of the key outside views which have been offered by economists, analysts and research shops for the post-Brexit vote. These have been compiled in ...
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8 All American Companies Which Could Care Less About Brexit

Britain has voted to leave the European Union. They never shared currencies, but they shared in trade and in many common laws and practices. One of the side outcomes of ...
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Vault Door

How to Trade European Bank Stocks on the Brexit Vote

Some of the most feared stocks in the world right now are European banks, but this also makes them rife with opportunity. With the Brexit vote set for Thursday, June ...
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Over $10 Trillion in Sovereign Debt Now at Negative Yields

The era of zero interest rates somehow migrated into the era of negative interest rates. The only good news is that the negative interest rates did now arrive in the ...
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IMF Calls for More Greek Debt Restructuring

Greece is back in the news. The good news about Greece is that they are not back in the news on the verge of an impending default, nor is Greece ...
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How ETFs and Investors Are Driving Gold Demand Over Central Banks

It is no secret that gold has seen a massive rally in 2016. The World Gold Council showed that the world's gold demand rose a sharp 21% to 1,290 tonnes in ...
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