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Rekindled Interest in Currency Hedged Equity ETFs

The world of wildly fluctuating currencies and the wave of global quantitative easing, many U.S. investors wanting international exposure have decided to turn to hedged equity market exchange traded funds ...
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Europe’s Market Gift, With Hints of More Quantitative Easing

If there is one thing that central bankers and politicians have proven over and over since the Great Recession, it is that they will do almost whatever they can get ...
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Why Deutsche Bank’s Massive Charges Could Crush Its Dividend

If you thought that auto losses out of Germany were going to be bad enough for the German and European markets and economies from Volkswagen, now you get to ponder ...
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Fitch Lowers Global Growth Estimates Due to Emerging Markets

Whether you are seeing projections from the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, Goldman Sachs or any other place that issues research and makes global growth projections, the trend for ...
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European Home Prices Recovering: ECB

The European Central Bank (ECB) published an article Tuesday morning on the state of housing prices in the eurozone. The recovery has not been particularly robust so far, but housing ...
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Euro Area Leading Indicators Ticked Up in July Too

The Conference Board has released its Leading Economic Index for the euro area in July. Despite all the fears and woes that were taking place then, the euro area's leading ...
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The 10 Nations That Own the Most Gold

While gold may no longer have the luster that it had in recent years, each major nation is a large owner of gold. Most currencies are now fiat currencies, meaning ...
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The 5 Nations Still Buying Gold for Their Central Banks

It is no secret that gold has been pounded in recent weeks. Forget about the old highs and hopes of gold going above $2,000 per ounce. Now gold bugs have ...
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Will the UK Be Hiking Rates at the Same Time as Federal Reserve?

Investors have had years and years now to prepare for a Federal Reserve interest rate hike cycle in the United States. There remains much debate on the magnitude of how ...
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Is Reopening Greek Banks Actually Bad News?

If you have been watching the global financial news during any point of the past month, chances are high that the coverage of Greece may have become more than just overwhelming. ...
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ECB Keeps Interest Rates and QE Static

The European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to leave its short-term interest rates unchanged. The move may sound surprising considering the situation in Greece, but the reality is that the ...
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Varoufakis Exit May Ultimately Help Greek Banks

The financial media might have the public tricked into believing that Greece's "no" vote is the end of the euro, but 2015 is a far different year than say 2010. ...
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The Fallout of Greek Shame

OK, so the news out of Greece is about as bad as one can get, short of military involvement. The financial markets are in turmoil, after somehow actually having been ...
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European Stocks Down Almost 4% on Greek Panic

Banks did not open in Greece, although probably every Greek citizen would have taken his money and run. It appears there will be no deal on Greek debt with the ...
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Nationalization Risk Returns in Greek Banks

The only way to describe the situation around Greece's ongoing negotiations with creditors would be to call it a Greek tragedy. Investors keep thinking that Greece is going to strike ...
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