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Crumbling Greek flag with euro

Why NBG Should Like Greece’s Bond Sale But Didn’t

The capital markets have opened back up to Greece. The struggling, or very struggling, island nation in the eurozone (and one of the PIIGS), has tapped the capital markets for ...
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EU Car Sales Rise, but GM Lags

The ACEA, an automobile manufacturer's association that represents the 15 Europe-based vehicle makers, said on Tuesday that the demand for new passenger cars in the 28-nation European Union increased for ...
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Apple, Boeing: R&D Cheapskates?

In 2013 the United States spent more corporate money on research and development than any other country in the world. Of a total spending level of €538.8 billion (about $738.3 ...
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As U.S. Markets Closed on MLK Day, Asia Sputters, Europe in Limbo

The U.S. markets were closed on Monday, January 20, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Europe and Asia, however, were not closed. What was seen on Monday was a ...
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GM and Ford Suffer More Sales Declines in Europe

If General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) need success in Europe to round out whatever strength they have in Asia and the United States, then ...
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European Central Bank and Bank of England Deliver Duds

There has been talk in Europe that Mario Draghi might have make more noise about vigilant policy to prevent weakness from arising, but very few in the investor community were ...
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Euro Area Unemployment Stays High at 12.1%

If unemployment is at the foundation of measurements of national economic health, then the euro area and European Union remain crippled with little hope in sight for a recovery. According ...
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Merrill Lynch Top 10 EMEA Picks: ABB, Nokia, Barclays, BBVA, Diageo and More

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has named its top 10 EMEA (Europe, Mid-East, Africa) picks as short-term stock recommendations for the first quarter of 2014. It turns out that most of ...
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Credit Rating Downgrade Puts EU on Par With U.S.

The United States has lived with a Standard & Poor's AA+ long-term credit rating for more than two years. That ratings cut was driven by the first threat of a U.S. ...
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Contentious Budget Talks Prompt S&P Downgrade of EU Credit Rating

On Friday, the Standard & Poor's ratings agency lowered its long-term credit rating on the European Union, citing threats to its cohesion and deteriorating creditworthiness of its 28 member nations. The ...
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Is Banco Santander Becoming Safe to Invest In Again?

Banco Santander S.A. (NYSE: SAN) may be a banking giant based in Spain, and that automatically makes it one the banks of the PIIGS nations. Something hard to utter in ...
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European Central Bank Considers Negative Deposit Rates

The European Central Bank (ECB) is considering even more easing than the official rate cut we saw recently. Now there is talk that easing could be taken as far as ...
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Smart car

Car Sales Rise in Europe, Led by Renault, Toyota, GM

For the first time in two years, car sales in Europe have risen for two consecutive months. October sales rose 4.7% year-over-year, on top of a 5.4% rise in September. ...
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Is the Recession in Europe Really Over?

Five top European Union officials responsible for economic policy recently said in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, "Our response to the crisis, which is based on an integrated approach by ...
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Merkel Wins as Need for Austerity in Europe Fades

Angela Merkel won a third term as Germany's chancellor. Her Christian Democratic Union and a smaller ally took more than 41% of the vote. If Merkel can create a closely knit coalition, ...
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