holiday shopping

Holiday Spending Plans Slow to a Crawl

Earlier this year, the National Retail Federation posted a forecast for holiday sales to rise 4.1% over last year. E-commerce results should yield results that are better. However, a new ...
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Americans Rate Postal Service Highest, VA Lowest

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has lost billions of dollars. However, it does deliver the mail to every American, usually on time, at its motto suggests: Neither snow nor rain ...
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Wireless phone

As the Young Text, Older Americans Use the Phone

The rise in texting among young Americans continues to grow, while the use in this form of communication lags among older Americans. Is it any wonder? The baby boomers grew ...
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Americans’ Spending Remains Cautious

Daily spending for U.S. consumers remained relatively flat in October at $89, compared with $87 in September and $88 in October 2013. In October 2008, daily spending reached $91, after ...
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Shopping Cart Full of Christmas Presents

Christmas Spending Forecast to Rise 4%

While a 4% rise in Christmas spending may not be enough to substantially lift the revenue at healthy retailers or repair the problems at weaker ones, it is a rate ...
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31% of Americans Believe It’s a Good Time to Find Job

Gallup reports that optimism about finding a job has jumped to a level rarely seen since the Great Recession. Improvement in gross domestic product, consumer sentiment and a drop in ...
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12 Countries That Hate Their Government Most

Europeans went in May to the polls to vote for their representatives to the European Parliament. The results were surprising, as parties in the far right and skeptics of the ...
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investor research

Investor Optimism at 7-Year High

In its most recent reading on investor and retiree optimism, Gallup reported on Friday that its Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index rose to +46 in August, the highest ...
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American Opinion of Banking Industry Rises

Banks were among the villains of the Great Recession, and rightly so. The actions of many large financial institutions helped trigger the economic implosion. Banks continue to get ongoing criticism ...
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40-Hour Workweek Actually 47 Hours Long

Only about four of 10 U.S. workers actually work a 9-to-5, 40-hour a week job. A full 50% say they work more than 40 hours a week, and just 8% ...
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Cities With the Most Dangerous Diets

While most Americans can choose what they want to eat each day, in many regions that choice is considerably limited. A range of direct and indirect factors, including income, ...
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The Best (and Worst) Countries to Find a Full-Time Job

According to the International Labour Organization, last year 200 million people across the world were unemployed. Yet, according to performance management consulting firm Gallup, “this number grossly misrepresents the global ...
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down market

Many Investors Don’t Know The Market is Rising

It is hard to miss the recent advance in the stock markets. After a spike higher in 2013, the S&P 500 is up another 17% over the past year. However, many ...
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Coca-Cola logo

Americans Stop Drinking Soda

Americans have become more conscious of the effects of what they drink and eat. This is particularly true with soda, a trend that is not good for branded soda companies, ...
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Americans Favor Beer Over Liquor and Wine

Good news for the world's brewers. Americans prefer beer over both liquor and wine. According to a new Gallup poll: As they have for most of the past two decades, ...
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