New York Worst City for Job Creation

The New York-Newark metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is the largest in the United States, with its population of nearly 20 million. It is also the worst for job creation, according to ...
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West side view of the United States Capitol building.

The Government Is America’s Most Important Problem

According to a new survey by Gallup, those polled listed government as the country's most important problem. Gallup researchers reported: Americans continue to name the government (18%) as the most ...
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The Worst Paying Jobs for Women

A full-time female employee earned 82.5% of what a man earned in 2014, up considerably from 1979, when women made an estimated 62% of what men did. While this is ...
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Gasoline pump

Economic Confidence Keeps the Streak Alive

The U.S. Economic Confidence Index, tracked by Gallup since 2008, remained at its +3 level for its third consecutive week running. However, the index has been positive for the past ...
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Connecticut Lagged US in Job Creation in 2014

Connecticut fell below every other state in the nation in terms of job creation in 2014. North Dakota led the list. Clearly that could change this year as oil prices ...
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Lawn mower

Americans Are Feeling Better About Their Financial Situation

For the first time since the Great Recession began, more Americans feel like they are better off now than a year ago than those who said they are in worse ...
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Getting Good Jobs Gets Easier

During the recession and for several years afterward, the ability of many Americans to find good jobs was eroded. According to new research, the problem has faded, but only among ...
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health care

Nurses Are the Most Trusted People in America

Nurses are the most trusted workers in America, based on honesty and ethical standards. As would make sense, doctors are second. According to a new survey from researchers at Gallup: ...
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New home

U.S. Standard of Living Improved in 2014

While many Americans believe that unemployment and gridlock in Washington have gone a long way to ruin this year, much of the population does not see it that way. Based ...
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holiday shopping

Holiday Spending Plans Slow to a Crawl

Earlier this year, the National Retail Federation posted a forecast for holiday sales to rise 4.1% over last year. E-commerce results should yield results that are better. However, a new ...
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Americans Rate Postal Service Highest, VA Lowest

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has lost billions of dollars. However, it does deliver the mail to every American, usually on time, at its motto suggests: Neither snow nor rain ...
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Wireless phone

As the Young Text, Older Americans Use the Phone

The rise in texting among young Americans continues to grow, while the use in this form of communication lags among older Americans. Is it any wonder? The baby boomers grew ...
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Americans’ Spending Remains Cautious

Daily spending for U.S. consumers remained relatively flat in October at $89, compared with $87 in September and $88 in October 2013. In October 2008, daily spending reached $91, after ...
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Shopping Cart Full of Christmas Presents

Christmas Spending Forecast to Rise 4%

While a 4% rise in Christmas spending may not be enough to substantially lift the revenue at healthy retailers or repair the problems at weaker ones, it is a rate ...
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31% of Americans Believe It’s a Good Time to Find Job

Gallup reports that optimism about finding a job has jumped to a level rarely seen since the Great Recession. Improvement in gross domestic product, consumer sentiment and a drop in ...
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