Obamacare Sign-Ups Top 8 Million

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, President Obama announced that the number of Americans using the public exchanges to enroll in a health insurance plan rose to 8 million ...
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Cities Where Americans Don’t Feel Safe

According to Gallup, 70.5% of Americans surveyed in 2012 and 2013 said they felt safe walking alone at night. This is effectively unchanged from 2011, when 71% of respondents said ...
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Americans See Real Estate as Best Long-Term Investment

In another sign that the housing crisis has ended and that home sales and home prices have recovered, people view real estate as the best long-term investment they can have. ...
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Over Half of Americans Think Taxes Too High

In the midst of a period when the U.S. government is cutting expenses and looking for more revenue to close the budget gap and slow the ballooning of the national ...
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Nine Countries That Hate America Most

International approval of U.S. leadership improved last year, rising from of 41% in 2012 to 46% in 2013. This ended a downward trend in U.S. approval ratings, which had consistently ...
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America’s Most (and Least) Healthy Cities

There's no doubt that great strides have been made in Americans' health over the years. Americans smoke less, are more likely to be insured and live longer. However, significant health ...
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Boulder Ranks as America’s Thinnest City

Boulder, Colo., ranked as the city least plagued by obesity, according to recent research. Among the 10 cities with the lowest level of obesity, another two also are in Colorado ...
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Cities with the Most Content (and Miserable) Workers

Americans spend much of their day at work, and more than half of Americans rated their overall work environment poorly last year. Although the number of workers who gave their workplace ...
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America’s Most Content (and Miserable) Cities

Provo, Utah, is the metro area with the most content residents in America, according to the recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The area with the most miserable residents is Huntington, West ...
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The Five Cities Most Confident About U.S. Economy

American's views of the U.S. economy cannot be measured as uniform. Income and job prospects vary from region to region and from income group to income group. Younger people continue ...
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Ten States Where People Can’t Afford Food

There are several states in which more than 20% of the population cannot always afford to feed themselves. Most of these also have among the highest poverty rates.  A large ...
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Houston Tops Cities in Job Creation

Houston topped the 50 largest American cities in terms of job creation over the two years that ended December 31, 2013. The San Diego metropolitan statistical area (MSA) finished last. According ...
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Smoking Rate Highest in Kentucky, Lowest in Utah

More than 30.2% of people in Kentucky were smokers in 2013. Barely behind at 29.9% were the residents of adjacent West Virginia. At the other end of the spectrum, residents ...
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The Fattest States in America

Many Americans consider obesity one of the nation's most important health issues. Many also battle themselves with the problem every day. According to a recent report, 27.1% of all Americans ...
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Unemployment Becomes Top Worry Among Americans

Despite an improvement in the nation's jobless rate, concern about unemployment has become the top worry among Americans. The news comes as the ranks of the long-term unemployed remain historically ...
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