Americans Favor Beer Over Liquor and Wine

Good news for the world's brewers. Americans prefer beer over both liquor and wine. According to a new Gallup poll: As they have for most of the past two decades, ...
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American Consumer Spending Continues to Falter

The consumer may have returned to malls and retail stores, but he remains wary about what he believes he can spend. Based on the portion of gross domestic product (GDP) ...
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Countries Where People Are Least Satisfied With Water Quality

People who live in Scandinavian countries are highly satisfied with the quality of their water. People who live in Africa are not. These are among the conclusions of a study ...
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Digital Piracy

Few Americans Trust Online Data Safety

After a series of data breaches, the most famous of which was a hack of millions of Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) customer accounts, it should not be a shock that ...
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U.S. Standard of Living at Six-Year High

The standard of living in the United States reached its highest level since 2008, just before the recession caught hold, and the year that Gallup began to collect and report ...
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U.S. Obesity Rates Hits 28%

If there needs to be any proof that obesity is an epidemic and probably the most serious threat to the health of the American population, one only has to turn ...
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The World’s Most Content (and Miserable) Countries

World news does not always fully capture people's level of happiness. Last year, Gallup found a majority of people in the world experienced positive emotions. Of course, in some countries ...
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Best States to Live for Minorities

Most Americans think that the state they live in is also a good place for racial and ethnic minorities to live. In a recent poll of all 50 states, the ...
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Sad lonely pensive old senior woman

People in Utah Most Likely to Give Time and Money

The people of Utah as the most generous in America. According to a new poll from Gallup: Utah leads U.S. states in reported charitable giving, with nearly half of its ...
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States Where People Go to the Dentist

Clean teeth are supposed to be good for heart health, and a way to avoid dentures and to avoid the drilling, which comes with cavities as well. Some people are ...
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People Want to Leave Illinois and Connecticut

Half the people who live in Illinois and Connecticut would like to move away. A big majority of people who live in Montana, Hawaii and Maine want to stay where ...
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Los Angeles

America’s Most (and Least) Healthy Cities

There's no doubt that great strides have been made in Americans' health over the years. Americans smoke less, are more likely to be insured and live longer. However, significant health ...
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Cities With the Most Content (and Miserable) Workers

Americans spend much of their day at work, and more than half of Americans rated their overall work environment poorly last year. Although the number of workers who gave their workplace ...
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Average Retirement Age Pushes to 62 Years

If aging Americans need to work longer because their retirement funds are small, then the average age of retirement should rise accordingly. And, according to new research, it has. A ...
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Montana, Alaska Lead List of Top Places to Live

Wide open spaces, clean air and low population density appear to be attractive to many Americans. That, at least, may be among the conclusions of a new Gallup poll. The ...
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