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Why Baxter May Be Very Undervalued Into Breakup

Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX) is set to break up into two companies on or around July 1, 2015. While there have been many assumptions built into the outlook of ...
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More Than a Billion People Smoke Tobacco

In a piece of news that should hearten the cigarette industry and send chills down the spines of world health officials, a new study claims that a billion adults smoke tobacco ...
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Marijuana Prices Move Toward $2,000 a Pound

On May 15, the spot price for a pound of cannabis was $1,825, according to the weekly report from Cannabis Benchmarks. That is down from a peak of more than ...
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Few Banks, Credit Cards Want Marijuana Industry Business

Even though marijuana sales are legal to one degree or another in two dozen states, the business remains primarily a cash-based one in which a buyer has to visit a ...
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What This New Trial Means for Eleven Biotherapeutics

Biotechs are generally riskier companies. A single failed trial can make or break a company. Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIO) felt this pressure when it released its most recent clinical ...
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The 5 Winners and Losers From ASCO Presentations

With the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting just two weeks away, investors, doctors and cancer patients are anxiously awaiting some of the key presentations and abstracts that ...
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AcelRX Takes Flight With New Department of Defense Contract

A number of pharmaceutical companies are working toward a better solution to manage pain. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ACRX) is one of them, but what separates it from the pack ...
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Are Problems at Orexigen Still Just Getting Started?

Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: OREX) had to bite the bullet Tuesday when it announced that it would be terminating its cardiovascular outcomes study of the obesity drug Contrave. However, things ...
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Why the DepoMed Drop Is a Gross Overreaction

Sometimes, or lots of times, investors and markets take things a little too far. For instance, a stock might overreact, to the upside or downside, based on too much optimism ...
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Could This Speculative Biotech More Than Triple?

Pharma companies are generally riskier than most normal companies, but with this risk comes a huge reward, like the one that Oppenheimer sees in Tokai Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: TKAI). The ...
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Why This Study May Have Saved Pain Therapeutics

Both biotech and pharmaceutical companies have a mission to make life better for everyone through the innovation and production of drugs that can save lives. Pain Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: PTIE) ...
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Short Sellers Keep Strong Bets Against Big Pharma

The short interest data has been released for the April 30 settlement date. Pharmaceutical companies are usually involved in a lengthy process in getting their drug candidates to market through ...
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GSK Takes Aim at AIDS/HIV Cure, Funding Company With University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Any time that you hear about new drugs and medical treatments, they tend to be around ongoing treatments rather than cures. And when it comes to AIDS and HIV, the ...
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What to Make of MannKind Earnings

MannKind Corp. (NASDAQ: MNKD) reported its first-quarter financial results after the markets closed Thursday. The biotech company had a net loss of $0.08 in earnings per share (EPS) and no ...
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4 Pharmaceutical Companies Leading the Breast Cancer Fight

If one cancer strikes a chord with women all over the world, it is breast cancer. While treatments have improved dramatically, it still ranks as the most common cancer among ...
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