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DOJ Investigates High-Frequency Trading

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is now getting in on an insider trading investigation regarding high-frequency trading. This method of trading has come under much more intense scrutiny after ...
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Is the High-Frequency Trading Virtu IPO Toast?

Virtu Financial Inc. was supposed to be one of the top ten IPOs of 2014. Now it appears as though the high frequency trading shop, which almost never loses money ...
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Top 10 IPO Filed: Virtu Financial Inc.

Earlier this year, Virtu Financial Inc. was named as one of the 24/7 Wall St. Top 10 IPOs to Watch for 2014. We had the very first filing as one ...
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Strategist Blames Hedge Funds for Sell-Off, Names Stocks to Buy Now

One thing that Wall Street has learned over the years is that for all of their so-called edge in the markets, hedge funds tend to be copycat vehicles. When they ...
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Can a Hedge Fund Save RadioShack?

Shares of struggling electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. (NYSE: RSH) were up more than 16 percent on Wednesday on news that a hedge-fund manager who likes investing in troubled companies has ...
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Analyst on Sears Going to $20: It Is Running Out of Options!

The fall of Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHLD) is on the verge of becoming a no-win scenario. Nothing that the company tries seems to work. Its guidance was so bad ...
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J.C. Penney Stock Price Tanks on News of Hedge Fund Sale

On Wednesday the head of hedge fund Hayman Capital Management, Kyle Bass, pointed to General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) as a stock with nearly 40% upside to its current price. ...
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Bass Hedge Fund Sees Huge Upside in GM

Kyle Bass's Hayman Capital Management has reportedly taken a large stake in General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM). Bloomberg TV reported that the fund manager has taken a large stake, although ...
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Sears Revving Up for Sale of Canadian Stores: NY Post

In an exclusive report from the New York Post Monday morning, the newspaper cites unnamed sources who say that Eddie Lampert, the chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: ...
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If Wall Street Loves Technology Stocks, Why Are Hedge Funds Selling Them?

For much of the past two years, technology has dominated both long/short exposure and long/short performance in the hedge fund world. This has changed over the past quarter with technology dropping ...
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Why Harley-Davidson Just Became a Short Sale

Whether it is a bull market or a bear market, short sellers have their place, and they will be looking for companies they think need to be sold now. There ...
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UBS Sees Hedge Funds Selling Health Care and Buying Financial and Energy Stocks

The UBS proprietary institutional flow data indicates that hedge funds are increasing exposure to financials and decreasing exposure to health care. Given that health care has outperformed significantly year to ...
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Are Top Hedge Funds Starting to Rotate out of U.S. Stocks?

With a stock market that has posted a 23% gain on the S&P 500 Index so far in 2013, the Prime Brokerage team at Credit Suisse is starting to see ...
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Did HFTs and Algos Kill Efficient Market Theory Again on the Unemployment Report?

Many college courses will try to teach you that it is nearly impossible to beat the market through time because the broad markets are supposed to reflect all relevant information ...
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Short-Seller Attack Continues Against IBM

The government shutdown may be averted for a few months and the S&P 500 Index may have just hit new all-time highs, but a short seller is maintaining his aggressive ...
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