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Massive Insider Buying in Big Oil and Tech Highlights Wild Market Week

One thing we have watched when looking for a sign of an oil turnaround was substantial insider buying of shares. While the action had been consistent, nothing huge hit the ...
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Very High-Profile Insider Selling Marks Roller-Coaster Market Week

As we had expected, as the first-quarter earnings reporting season drew to a close, the blacked out insiders at U.S. companies were able to make some transactions. One thing is ...
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Insider Selling in Financials Jumps as Market Volatility Rules the Week

With Friday's rally helping to push indexes back to the positive side for the year, the insiders also reappeared after being mostly in hibernation as first-quarter earnings results were being ...
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Insider Buying Massive This Week as Market Roller Coaster Continues

In a week that saw all the market gains for the year wiped out, only to roar back on Friday, one thing seems clear. The windows that we wrote about ...
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Massive Brokerage Trades Highlight Insider Selling This Week

With a week that saw the end of April and a ton of volatility, we also saw some big insider selling hit the tape. With windows starting to open back ...
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Insider Buying Steady as Earnings Season Begins to Wind Down

With a third of the year in the books, the very up and down stock market is poised to wind up the first-quarter earnings reports. That also means that insider ...
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Big Earnings Week Keeps Insider Buying Slow but Steady

While the earnings from the top S&P 500 companies came fast and furious this week, the insider buying was not as dramatic. As we have mentioned before, many insiders' windows ...
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Massive Energy Trade Highlights High-Profile Insider Selling This Week

While the volume for insider trading has dropped dramatically due to earnings reporting, some very large trades hit the tape this week. Although many insiders at major corporations are still ...
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Insider Selling Very Slow as First Full Week of Earnings Concludes

While insiders, like everybody else who sells stocks, want to get out while the getting is good, many are facing the closing of windows to sell company shares as earnings ...
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Insider Buying Slows to a Crawl as Earnings Season Takes Off

If there was ever a way to determine what time it is on Wall Street, just take a glance at insider activity. With first-quarter earnings reporting season in full swing, ...
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Insider Selling Slows as Earnings Season Begins

As we head into the second quarter and a new earnings season, which begins in earnest next week, it is very possible that the insider selling that was so big ...
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Insider Buying Stays Steady as Q2 Kicks Off

With the very volatile first quarter in the rear-view mirror, the start of the second quarter means earnings season and possibly the shutdown of the window for insiders to buy ...
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Massive Biotech Stock Sale Highlights Insider Selling Report

As we approach the earnings releases for the first quarter, we are seeing an increase in the insider selling activity. The reason could be many insiders have selling windows closed ...
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Huge Energy Insider Buy Highlights Short Trading Week

With traders taking the day off to celebrate the Good Friday market holiday, insiders had a shortened trading week to acquire more stock. That certainly did not stop anybody, and ...
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Really Big Insider Buying in Chesapeake Shares

Investors love tracking insider buying and insider selling by corporate executives. When corporate insiders sell shares of their company, it may be for myriad reasons: buying a house, tax purposes, ...
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