Mercedes Sales Crush BMW

The race between Mercedes and BMW for U.S. monthly sales is usually close. Not so in January. Mercedes sold 26,563 cars and light trucks, up 1.7% year over year. BWM sales ...
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2016 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Sales Rise as Cadillac Craters

Sales of troubled luxury car brands Lincoln and Cadillac moved different directions in January. In January, Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE: F) Lincoln sales rose 8.4% to 7,177 year over year, ...
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Ferrari Berlinetta

Ferrari Punishes Early Investors With Earnings and Guidance

Ferrari N.V. (NYSE: RACE) was one of those interesting initial public offerings from 2015 that drew much attention from institutions and retail investors alike. The market turmoil and the bite ...
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

Rolls-Royce Ghost Reaps Award as Best Luxury Car

The experts at the U.K.'s What Car? car-buying website have announced their best cars of 2016 awards in 15 style categories and four general categories. They chose the new Audi ...
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a lot of money

Powerball Lottery Rises Again to Record $1.5 Billion: What the Lucky Winners Should Not Do!

The Powerball lottery jackpot is really getting out of hand. After having moved to a U.S. record of $900 million up to $1.3 billion, and then to $1.4 billion, now ...
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BMW Sport Utility Vehicle

BMW Tops Mercedes for Luxury Car Sales in 2015

BMW Group reported its global sales for 2015 on Monday morning, and the luxury car maker said that sales rose 6.1% to 2.247 million units for the year. The total ...
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Jaguar F Type 2016

Jaguar Continues to Fail in US Market

Jaguar sold 1,065 cars in the United States during November, down 15% from the same month of last year. For the first 11 months, sales were off 5.8% to 13,269. In ...
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2016 Lincoln Navigator

Ford’s Lincoln Sales Set to Rise

Sales of cars by Ford Motor Co.'s (NYSE: F) troubled Lincoln division are set to rise this year. Despite its troubles, it is not being driven out of the luxury ...
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gun and flag

Which Companies Get Hit When Gun Sales Rise?

The Sandy Hook effect is a well-known phenomenon in the firearm and personal defense space. It describes the boost in sales of guns in the wake of a shooting incident, ...
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Brikk Lux Apple Watch

$115,000 Apple Watch for Christmas

A Los Angeles-based luxury products maker is going Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) one better. One order of magnitude that is. Brikk is offering its diamond-encrusted Lux (Apple) Watch Omni for ...
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Stunning View of the Second Largest Diamond Ever Found at 1,111 Carats

You have probably heard the saying "diamonds are a girl's best friend" more than just a few times. It turns out that not all diamonds are created equal, and some ...
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cash register

Nordstrom Shows More Concern on Higher-End Retail Spending

It turns out that even the U.S. economy is just not as strong as many of us have been hoping for. At least that is what we are seeing with ...
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1952 Mantle Rookie PWCC

New All-Time Record Sale Price Coming for 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Baseball Card

If one weekend record price for vintage baseball card collecting being set earlier this year was not enough, yet another record is about to be set for an auction of the ...
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Ferrari 458 italia

Ferrari IPO Could Yield $1 Billion

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE: FCAU) announced in July that the company would spin off its Ferrari division into a separate company, and on Friday the company provided some specifics. ...
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Mercedes Sales Surge Ahead of BMW in September

In what is usually a close race, luxury car company Mercedes readily topped its rival BMW in sales in September. Mercedes sold 31,337 vehicles, up 6.1% from the same month a ...
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