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Gift Return Scam Could Ruin Your Holidays

While buying holiday gifts online is certainly convenient, there are some pitfalls. One we have pointed out before is the possibility of unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit item, which is typically ...
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A Checklist for Home Buyers

For most Americans, buying a house is the most complicated financial transaction they'll ever be part of. There are literally dozens of issues to keep in mind when embarking on ...
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Is It Worth $60,000 to You to Delay Retirement?

When the new Trump administration and all-Republican Congress takes office next month, one issue that appears to be high on the agenda is making changes to the two bedrock social ...
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Best Buy

Best Buy Promotes Merchandise Under $100 as Holiday Shopping Ends

It's the day before the night before Christmas, and retailers continue to dream that shoppers are still stirring and not snug in their beds. For retailers, visions of sugar plums ...
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Christmas disappointment

Many Americans Don’t Like What They Get for Christmas

Often people say they have a friend or relative who is "hard to buy for" as the holidays approach. A subset of that is "people who already have everything they ...
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Consumers Challenged to Detect E-Commerce Counterfeits

To 24/7 from The Counterfeit Report [EDITORS NOTE: Also note that the government has sanctioned Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) for selling counterfeit products.] Think twice before buying online ...
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What Fliers Want Is Legroom

Poll a large number of fliers about what they want in an airline, and the answer will be legroom. Airline seats have shrunk for years, at least in coach. Travelers ...
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Russian Cyber Criminals Steal Millions a Day From US Media Sites

Long before we found out that Russian hackers were working for the government, they were piling up profits from a variety of hacking schemes. The latest discovery is the so-called ...
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10 Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Most of us have heard by now that there are several relatively painless steps we can take to improve our financial health. All it takes is a little shove. Turning ...
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It Is Not Too Late to Lower Your 2016 Taxes

From The Fiscal Times You’re probably rushing to finish holiday shopping, but it’s also a good time to wrap up loose ends when it comes to taxes. Here are 13 ...
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Santa Claus

Even Santa Got Only a Piddling 2% Raise This Year

The average U.S. wage increased by 3.1%, but one of the hardest working men in the world only managed a 2.2% bump. And most people think he's overpaid! The good folks ...
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Gifts That Go on Giving: The 8 Most Hackable Gifts of 2016

Looking for a last-minute cool gift for that technology geek son or daughter, or that coworker? Now you've found it and it's just about to go under the tree. What ...
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Pace of 2016 Data Breaches Continues to Set New Record

A financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial Inc. (NYSE: AMP) accidentally exposed hundreds of investment portfolios last week. The portfolios were valued in the tens of millions of dollars, according to ...
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3 Words to Avoid When Listing Your Home for Sale

Words matter. And they can matter a lot when you list your home for sale. Striking a balance between a bland property description and one that will attract potential buyers ...
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The 5 Top City Destinations for the Holidays

U.S. highways and airports are going to be a bit more crowded during this year's holiday season. The AAA has forecast year-over-year growth of 1.5% for the period between December ...
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