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Buying a House With No Cash Down Payment

It's no secret that for most first-time homebuyers the hardest part of buying a home is coming up with the cash for a down payment. Finding a 20% down payment ...
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150 Million People Filed Taxes in 2016

It is probably a sign of things to come, just as Americans prepare to file their 2016 tax returns during 2017. Some 152,544,000 individuals filed tax returns last year, up ...
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Is Your Valentine True? Warning About Costly Sweetheart Swindles

In 2016, sweetheart swindles were the ninth-most reported form of fraud, and the most expensive for victims, with a median loss of $2,000. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, ...
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Data Breaches Compromise More than 600,000 Records So Far in 2017

The latest count from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) indicates that there have been 110 data breaches recorded this year through February 8, 2017, and that nearly 700,000 records ...
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IRS Can Revoke Americans’ Passports for Unpaid Taxes

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is preparing to implement its authority to certify to the U.S. State Department an American citizen's  "seriously delinquent tax debt." The State Department may ...
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Cybersecurity Trends in 2016: Ransomware Way Up, Point-of-Sale Attacks Way Down

Two massive point-of-sale (POS) attacks in 2013 and 2014 forced the cybersecurity and retail industries to take more active measures to prevent these kinds of attacks. Cybercrooks stole data for ...
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The Cheapest Cars to Own Over a 5-Year Period

The overall ownership costs of a new car can have a big impact on a consumer's choice of what to buy. Obviously, a small, fuel-efficient car is less expensive to ...
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Federal Judge Orders Review of Target’s 2015 Data Breach Settlement

The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week ordered a federal judge in Minneapolis to hold hearings to determine all customers were treated fairly in Target Corp.'s (NYSE: TGT) ...
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60% of Americans Have Not Made a Will

Every one of us knows that death is inevitable. And it seems that most of us would prefer not think that the inevitability of death applies to us. A recent ...
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Blueprint and a Hard Hat

4 Reasons to Remodel Your Home in 2017

Tackling a remodeling project is a big deal for most homeowners. Aside from costs there's the disruption to normal activities. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen can be a humbling experience. ...
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America’s 10 Most Pest-Infested Cities

There is no such thing as a single cockroach. If you spot one, its friends and family are not far away and will soon be paying you a visit. Bedbugs ...
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tax time

Tax Season Is Here and So Are Identity Fraudsters

In 2015, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates that at least $14.6 billion in fraudulent tax returns were filed seeking a federal tax refund. The IRS stopped all but $2.24 ...
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Choosing Up Sides in the Border Tax Battle

What should we expect out of Friday's meeting between U.S. business leaders and President Donald Trump? Trump's business advisory council, chaired by Blackstone Group L.P.'s (NYSE: BX) Stephen Schwarzman, is ...
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Spam Accounts for Two-Thirds of Total Email Volume

If it seems to you that your email box is filling up with more spam recently, you're right. Not only is there more spam, but more of the stuff is malicious, ...
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Satisfaction With Federal Services at 4-Year High

In a survey based on interviews with 2,380 Americans completed in November and December, satisfaction with the federal government posted an index score of 68.0, just slightly below a high ...
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