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IMF Looks for Better 2014 to 2015 Growth

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released its updated 2014 to 2015 economic outlook. The good news is that the group has increased its expectations moderately. The bad news is ...
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More Fed Predictions of Late 2015 Rate Hikes

Dennis Lockhart, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, gave a speech on Wednesday to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (obviously in Miami, Fla.). ...
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Yellen Speech: Backing Away From Rate Hike Timeline

Janet Yellen is still in her getting to know you phase of her tenure as Fed chairman. After spooking the markets at the last FOMC meeting on the timing of ...
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Credit Suisse Says to Exit Overweight Japan Trade

The pro-Japan quantitative easing trade is coming to an end. At least that is what Credit Suisse has telegraphed in its global equity strategy sector outlook. The firm's Andrew Garthwaite ...
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Fed Presidents Predict End of Bond Buying and Tapering — Soon

Investors have become a bit nervous after a poor January and a rough start to January. Stocks have gone south, and bond yields have come back down from a peak ...
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Unemployment and Payrolls Made Bonds Safe Again, Maybe

Friday's Employment Situation report from the U.S. Labor Department may have just made investing in bonds safe again. With all the talk of the Federal Reserve wanting to taper its ...
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Credit Suisse Favors Quality at Any Price Top Momentum Growth Stocks

The market has gained nearly 60% since the September 2011 announcement of Operation Twist, which started the cycle of quantitative easing (QE). Gains during this period were primarily driven by ...
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FOMC Minutes: Yellen Fed Equals Bernanke Fed

The Federal Reserve is out with its minutes from the December FOMC meeting. We generally warn readers that minutes are often the third look at a Fed meeting, but this ...
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Federal Reserve

Fed Balance Sheet Clearly Over $4 Trillion

Earlier in 2013 we saw something that will create serious issues down the road. The Federal Reserve's balance sheet seemed to be clearly on its way to $4 trillion in assets. Our ...
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Bernanke and the Fed: The QE Taper Is Here!

The Federal Open Market Committee just finished what is very likely its last or next to last real decision-making meeting under Ben Bernanke. The long and short of the matter ...
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Labor Department and CPI: From Not Enough Inflation to No Inflation

The Federal Reserve is due to start its two-day FOMC meeting to determine whether to taper its bond buying activities under its quantitative easing measure. If the Labor Department's report ...
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Strong Labor Department Jobs Report: Goods News Is Actually Good News

The U.S. Labor Department is out with what appears to be a stellar unemployment report for November. The good news is that the payrolls were not too far above whisper ...
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Why Unemployment and Payrolls Could Wreck Stocks on Friday

This Friday will bring the Employment Situation report from the U.S. Labor Department. Ben Bernanke and team at the Federal Reserve have only had to worry about their employment target, ...
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Merrill Lynch Issues 2014 Economic Outlook: Calmer Seas Ahead

It is that time of the year again when Wall Street starts issuing its forecasts for the coming year. We have seen the 2014 outlook from Merrill Lynch this Monday ...
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FOMC Minutes Signal Tapering, More Than Recent Commentary

The latest Minutes from the Federal Reserve's October 29 to 30 FOMC meeting are indicating that tapering the $85 billion per month of bond buying could start in the coming ...
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