5 Florida Metro Areas Top Cash Home Sales in May

In May of 2015, all-cash sales comprised 24.6% of all single family and condo sales, down from 28.5% in April and 30.4% in May 2014. The May 2015 total is ...
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Florida Tops List of Most Foreclosures

Homeowners in Florida suffered more than those of any other state when the housing bubble collapsed. The aftershocks have not entirely gone away. Florida had a higher foreclosure rate than any ...
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Best Markets to Flip a Home

In the first quarter of 2015, a total of 17,309 homes were sold as part of an arm's-length sale for the second time in a 12-month period. The common term ...
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America’s Most Affordable Rental Markets

While throughout the United States buying a home is a better deal financially than renting one, in several markets this is not true, according to research firm RealtyTrac. Its analysis ...
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Buying a House for 36% Off

The median price for a home sold in the United States in October was $199,500. The price of what is called a "distressed home" was $127,000, or 36% less, according ...
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Atlantic City, Miami Lead U.S. Foreclosures

Foreclosure filings in the United States dropped 9% in November, compared with October, and 1% compared with November 2013, according to data released Thursday by RealtyTrac. Atlantic City and Miami ...
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10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods With the Best Schools

For many homebuyers, the top consideration when searching for a place to live is where their children will go to school. As a result, consistently stellar schools often go hand-in-hand ...
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U.S. Cities With the Most Distressed Home Sales

Distressed home sales in the United States dropped 1% in September, compared with August, and 19% compared with September 2013, according to data released Tuesday by RealtyTrac. Short sales and ...
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US Foreclosures Rise in Third Quarter, Nevada and Florida Still Troubled

According to one of the leading research firms in the real estate industry, foreclosures rose in the third quarter: RealtyTrac released its U.S. Foreclosure Market Report for September and the ...
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America’s Most Polluted Housing Markets

When discussing human impact on the environment, the focus is often on the global and national levels. But the impact can also be a major problem at the local level, ...
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10 Cities Where Homebuyers Pay Cash

Nearly 38% of homes and condos purchased nationwide in the second quarter were all-cash transactions. While this was slightly lower than the previous quarter's three-year high of 42% of transactions, ...
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Florida’s Huge Foreclose Rate Grows as National Rate Jumps 7%

The foreclosure rate nationwide moved higher by 7% in August, but several states, led by Florida, had the worst of it. According to one of the nation's top real estate ...
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The 10 Most Affordable Housing Markets in America

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase most Americans will ever make. But while in some areas homeowners are more easily able to afford to buy, in others ...
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Average Home Price Hits $191,000

Depending on which real estate data analysts use, the housing market in America is either red hot or improvements have slowed considerably. Information from RealtyTrac supports the rapid improvement case. ...
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US Foreclosures Rise, Florida Remains in Trouble

Foreclosure activity in the United States rose by 2% in July, a move so small that it does not say much about the direction of the housing industry. The foreclosure ...
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