U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


States With the Highest Jobless Rates

By Larry Ramer Most of the states with the highest unemployment rates have seen their labor markets rebound over the past year, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows. In ...
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Corn Field

Unemployment in Nebraska Drops to 2.5%

The national unemployment rate for April was 5.4%, essentially unchanged from March. And the lowest unemployment rate in the country was less than half that, 2.5% in Nebraska. No other ...
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Federal Reserve

10 Reasons the Federal Reserve Cannot Panic on Interest Rate Hikes

Whether you are a consumer, a business owner, an investor or merely a saver, the next big thing for the markets that comes with serious economic risks is the impending ...
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PPI Brings More News of Deflation

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that the Producer Price Index for final demand fell by 0.4% in April. The seasonally adjusted figure is compared to a ...
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Why the Natural Unemployment Rate May Now Be Lower

The Chicago Federal Reserve recently released a report showing its projections regarding the changing labor force composition and the natural rate of unemployment. What is interesting about the observation is ...
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Unemployment Among Teens at 17.1%

As the U.S. economy adds jobs at a fast clip month by month, the rate for teenagers remains extremely high. The pool of people in this age group may have ...
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ADP and TrimTabs Throw Curve Ball to Labor Department Payrolls Expectations

The market has a huge discrepancy to deal with now for job creation and Friday's official payrolls report from the U.S. Department of Labor. ADP showed a projected 169,000 private ...
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Residents Feel Least Safe in Fresno, Most Safe in Des Moines

Fresno, Calif., got another black eye. Gallup has named it the city where people are least likely to feel safe. It is also one of the American cities with the ...
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9 States With the Most Identity Theft Complaints

In 2014, data theft reached record levels. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 783 data breaches last year, a substantial increase from both the previous year and ...
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The States With the Most Deadly Accidents

There were 130,557 accidental deaths in the United States in 2013. Some types of accidental deaths are more common than others. Drug poisonings and motor vehicle accidents were the two ...
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12 States That Kill the Most Animals

The United States consumes the most meat per capita of any nation in the world. As of 2009, Americans consumed an average of 265 pounds of meat per person annually, ...
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US Job Openings Hit 14-Year High: Almost Double the Long-Term Unemployed

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey for the month of February on Tuesday morning. While the look after the report may ...
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Hire Me!

Job Growth Gets Slaughtered in March

The U.S. Department of Labor released its March payroll and unemployment data Friday morning, and it is hard to imagine how it could have been much worse. The Labor Department ...
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Labor Department Unemployment and Payrolls Get Curveball From ADP and TrimTabs

Friday's unemployment and payrolls report from the U.S. Labor Department just became a lot more difficult to predict. ADP posted a very weak economic report on its payrolls for March, ...
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America’s Fastest Shrinking Cities

The U.S. population rose by just 0.75% in 2014, roughly flat from previous years and the lowest growth rate in more than 70 years. Not only has the country become ...
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