U.S. Department of Agriculture

orange tree

Orange Juice Prices Soar

Total U.S. production of oranges in the 2013–2014 crop year is now estimated at about 7.2 million tons, more than a million tons below last year's total of 8.3 million ...
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Corn Field

Price of Corn Flakes to Rise

The size of this year's corn crop is expected to be smaller than last year's, raising the price farmers can expect to get for their crop and raising the price ...
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U.S. Consumers Continue to Pay More for Milk and Beef

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its preliminary report on March farm prices Friday afternoon. The all-products price index rose by 5 points month-over-month (4.7%) to 111, with the ...
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Texas and Nevada Join Drought-Plagued California

Drought is so severe in some parts of California that scientists have observed that conditions may not significantly improve for decades. The problem's worst effects reach across the state's inland ...
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Fresh Vegetables Drive October Farm Price Index Higher

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its preliminary report on October farm prices Thursday afternoon. The October all-products price index rose by 1 point (0.5%) to 187 month-over-month, with ...
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States Where the Most People Go Hungry

An estimated 14.5 million American households had difficulty providing enough food for their families last year, according to a recent government report. In 7 million of those homes, at least ...
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Ben Bernanke

FOMC Minutes: QE and Low Interest Rates to Continue!

The FOMC is out with its highly anticipated minutes of its last meeting. While there is some clarification and some expansion of their comments along with Ben Bernanke anticipation, we ...
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June Farm Prices Still Lag Rising Costs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today released its preliminary report on June farm prices. The index uses prices from 1990 to 1992 as its base value (100). The June ...
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Money, US, $100 bills

Hawkish Fed President Lacker Brings QE-End Clarification to the Rescue

Jeffrey Lacker of the Richmond Federal Reserve is considered very much a hawkish Fed president, but his comments on Wednesday are helping the stock market. After Ben Bernanke's comments after ...
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US Federal Reserve

More Mixed Fed Messages in Kocherlakota Speech

The stock market has been pummeled from its highs just a month ago, and at the same time we have seen the unusual circumstance where the yields on long-term bonds ...
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Chicago Fed Still Sees Negative National Economic Trends for May

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has issued its National Activity Index (CFNAI) for the month of May. While the number appears to be an improvement over April, it is ...
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Ben Bernanke

Why Ben Bernanke May Call a Do-Over

Ben Bernanke's post-FOMC comments on bond tapering this week may have been misinterpreted, or maybe the market reaction will prove to be correct. What has happened is that the markets ...
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The Mounting Losses in Bond Long-Term Funds, Adding Injury on Top of Injury

The US Treasury 30-year bond, the so-called Long Bond, is proving to be a widow-maker to those who bought a couple of months ago. Most investors did not want to ...
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Ben Bernanke Official Portrait

FOMC Delivers on No Tapering, Better Forecasts Spook Markets

The bond market and stock market have both been anxiously awaiting the announcement from the FOMC and a conference from Ben Bernanke after the Fed's two-day meeting. Perhaps the markets ...
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Bull and Bear

Why You Do Not Have to Fear the Fed’s Bond-Buying Taper

Investors may be overthinking the outcome of when, not if, Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are going to start winding down or tapering the $85 billion in monthly bond ...
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