Unemployment Still Above 5% in Several States

Economists claim "full employment" is a jobless rate of a 5% or less. The national figure for May was 4.3%, so the labor market is deemed as being extremely healthy. ...
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There Are Now Over 6 Million Job Openings in America

After each month's payrolls and unemployment report from the U.S. Department of Labor, economists and investors get a closer look at the internal metrics of the jobs markets by getting ...
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Retailers Announce Most Job Cuts of Any Category, Says Challenger Gray Report

The May jobs numbers might be good for the United States, however, the number of layoffs rose last month from the same period in 2016, with retailers slashing the most ...
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As FOMC Holds Rates Steady, Views Remain Strong on Jobs Ahead of Friday’s Labor Report

Despite the Federal Reserve keeping its target fed funds rate on hold at a target range of 0.75% to 1.00%, all eyes are waiting for Friday's key employment report from ...
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Markets Brace for Key Payrolls and Unemployment Data

The U.S. growth engine is still moving. Unfortunately, that growth and enthusiasm and strength has started to dial down in recent weeks. We have seen weaker than expected growth in ...
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Unemployment Rate Drops Below 2.9% in 5 States

The national unemployment rate for March was 4.5%. In five states is it much lower, below 2.9%, which shows how much the jobless situation can differ from place to place. ...
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Disappointing Payrolls Report for March, With Payrolls Revised Lower for February and January

Friday's key economic reporting was dominated by the employment situation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It was a mixed report in some aspects and weak in others. It ...
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ADP Forecasts Another Massive Jobs Month Ahead of Labor Department Report

One thing that most people can agree on is that more and more jobs being created or added is a good thing. After all, not too many people are all ...
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A Week of Continued Strong Jobs Data Pushes Chances of Fed Rate Hike in March

Maybe all that post-election economic hope and all the day in and day out record highs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and in the S&P 500 Index had some ...
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Will Unemployment Press the Fed to Raise Interest Rates in March?

This Friday's unemployment report is also one of the freshest economic views before Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the Federal Open Market Committee members decide whether to raise interest ...
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Homeless man asking for help poor poverty

In Detroit, 100,000 People Still Unemployed

The turnaround of the fortunes of Detroit has failed to benefit 99,229 people, which is the number of them out of work in December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ...
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Manual workers working construction

Why the Jobs Market Keeps Looking Solid for 2017

If there is one measurement used to track the economy that matters the most to the public, it has to be about jobs. Gross domestic product can rise and fall, ...
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Why a Solid January Payrolls Gain Created Such an Unusual Market Reaction

The jobs picture is already looking up again in America. After ADP posted a shockingly higher than expected payrolls figure for January, the solid jobs news was more than confirmed ...
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ADP Payrolls Strength Supports Trump Bump and Higher Labor Department Expectations

If economists and investors were looking for confirmation that the post-election rally was going to turn into real growth in economic readings, look no further than the January ADP Employment ...
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Latin American teen

Los Angeles, With 1.7 Mexican Immigrants, Faces Major Labor Shortage

Los Angeles, with 1.735 million Mexican immigrants, which is 13.3% of its total population, faces major changes if the Trump Administration implements some of its plans to build a wall between ...
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