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Tech Dominates Top Jefferies Value Stocks to Buy

The relentless volatility that has marked 2016 so far is doing something only a market sell-off can do. Many top blue chip companies that have performed well over the years, ...
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4 Out-Of-Favor Large-Cap Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Needless to say, the stock market can be a very cruel mistress. Companies can report great numbers, but if the guidance is light? Look out! So what are patient long-term ...
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4 Top Jefferies Value Stock Picks to Buy to Fight Volatility

Volatility in the stock markets is not necessarily inherently bad. In fact, often when volatility falls too low for an extended period, investors get lulled into a false sense of ...
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Jefferies Says Software Is Cheap and Should Outperform: 4 to Buy Now

The only good thing about blistering wicked sell-offs is they provide opportunity, especially when the economy is most likely not headed for recession. While many of the perma-bears are now ...
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Jefferies Has 4 Value Stocks to Buy Now on Continued Market Weakness

Baron Rothschild said it, or so the legend goes, “The time to Buy is when there is blood in the streets.” We all have seen plenty of blood in the ...
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RBC Sees Opportunities in Oilfield Services as Crude Forecast Revised Down

The death spiral in the energy industry has brought out every vulture that has had to stay in the trees for the past 10 plus years. Not only do they ...
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Jefferies Has 3 Compelling Value Stocks to Buy as Momentum Stocks Get Blasted

In a sell-off like the one we are going through now, almost all stocks get hit to some degree. The main difference is that, in hot momentum stocks that become ...
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4 Jefferies Value Stocks to Buy as Market Volatility Jumps in 2016

After years of relatively benign volatility, investors are getting a taste of something they are not very accustomed to. The Volatility Index (VIX) has been elevated since the start of ...
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3 Old-School Dividend Tech Stocks Could Outperform in Volatile 2016

With 2016 off to the worst start ever, many technology investors are very concerned over the possible direction for the rest of 2016. While concerns over a production slowdown at ...
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Jefferies Has 5 Top Growth Stocks to Buy After Horrible 2016 Start

Well, last week was lousy, and perhaps some will be recouped this week as the market takes another swing at the upside. One thing's for sure, the massive sell-off last ...
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4 Big Loser Stocks of 2015 That Could End Up 2016’s Biggest Winners

One of the keys to smart investing is to not overpay for stocks. Sure, it sounds easy, but the reality is many investors end up chasing hot stocks long after ...
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3 2015 Train Wreck Stocks That Could Recover Big in 2016

This year has been a horrible one for some big name stocks. Many industry leaders in the resources sector have lost most of their value. Other select companies have collapsed ...
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5 of the Cheapest Value Stocks for 2016 From the S&P 500

When looking ahead to 2016, investors must ask themselves what is the best way to gauge the market and what metrics they should be using. Looking back at 2015, it ...
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Jefferies Has 3 Top Blue Chip Value Stocks to Buy Now

With the potential for a year-end rally looking better after Monday's market action, many investors are turning their attention to end-of-the-year portfolio restructuring. One of the best ideas may be ...
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Top Jefferies Blue Chip Value Stocks to Buy Now

With the market volatility ramping up this week, many investors may be looking at their portfolios and wondering if it isn’t time to make some year-end moves. Dividend stocks have ...
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