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3 Top Jefferies Hidden Value Stocks to Buy Now

The stock market has turned into a roller coaster, but at least for investors it isn’t going down every day anymore. Despite the big rallies of last week and Monday, ...
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4 Top Jefferies Value Stocks to Buy During Volatile Markets

The withering sell-off is starting to fray nerves, and many investors are at the point where they don’t even want to look at their account values. The bottom line is, ...
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5 High-Dividend Blue Chip Stocks on Sale After Market Sell-Off

The only redeeming quality to a big market sell-off is the opportunity that it presents to investors holding some dry powder who have the ability to buy stocks on sale. ...
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3 New Jefferies Top Value Stocks to Buy Now

Needless to say, after Tuesday's plunge, investors are starting to fear what we have warned about. Typically corrections tend to act in a similar manner, and this one seems to ...
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4 Top UBS Thematic Picks to Buy and Hold Into 2016

Most of the big firms we cover on Wall Street have specific, designed portfolios that attempt to capture certain investment strategies. From stocks that raise dividends to value technology portfolios, ...
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Jefferies Has 3 Compelling Value Stocks to Buy Now

One thing that weak markets and sell-offs can provide to investors with some dry powder is outstanding companies that have traded substantially lower on little if any bad news. A ...
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Jefferies Has 4 New Top Value Stocks to Buy

You know it’s almost fall when the first full week of football is in the books. And with the possibility that the Federal Reserve could raise rates for the first ...
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3 Jefferies Top New Value Stocks to Buy Now

With a huge rally and then another sell-off continuing to add volatility into the markets, it may be time to make some shifts in strategy. While the rally was heartening, ...
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Deutsche Bank Raises 3 Top Banks to Buy After Recent Sell-Off

As bad as harsh sell-offs can be, they do serve at least one good purpose. Top stocks get hammered along with momentum leaders, and prices become very reasonable again. A ...
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3 Stocks to Buy That Got Hit Despite Great Earnings and Prospects

The old adage of throwing the baby out with the bath water certainly can happen when the stock market is taking a beating. While the recent sell-off from peak to ...
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10 Stocks That Have Ignored the Recent Massive Sell-Off

The past month has been tough for many stock market bulls, but the past week added massive stress and losses to many stock market pros. Regardless of what you want ...
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4 Jefferies Top Value Stock to Buy as Market Recovers

Face it, if we wanted to go on a crazy roller-coaster ride we would go to the Disney World. With ups and downs that have rarely ever been seen, investors ...
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3 Top Jefferies Growth Stocks to Buy After Sell-Off

The damage was swift and harsh over the past week, and just because things look brighter Tuesday does not necessarily mean the selling is over. However, with the first intra-day ...
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Jefferies Has 4 Sustainable Income Stocks to Buy Now

Investors are getting worried, and perhaps it is time they should. The market gains, which are now gone, this year have been driven almost exclusively by a few very high-priced ...
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4 More Recession Stocks to Consider for Volatile Times

We went recently offered a list of four crash-proof stocks for a fading market. Here are another four that either performed moderately well through the 2008 crash or, if they ...
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