Friday's top analyst upgrades and downgrades included AerCap, Barclays, Denny's, DocuSign, Intercontinental Hotels, Lennar, Luminar Technologies and Quest Diagnostics.
Gold is making a great case for itself this year, and gold bugs have to be happy about that. The strategists at JPMorgan have a bullish view on gold.
The current coronavirus outbreak could be a pandemic. If so, one asset class could explode much higher. While gold traded to seven-year highs recently, the top could get blown off if things get...
With the markets facing a “witches' brew” of potential problems, one way to hedge a sell-off would be to buy gold. Here are five solid stock picks and an ETF for investors to consider.
Gold has a long history of ups and downs, and it has been considered one of the key measurements of national reserves for centuries.
All structured portfolios need a weighting to precious metals between 3% and 5%, there but are times when investors should overweight gold. Now could very well be one of those times.
With gold breaking out to six-year highs, it makes sense to add some to portfolios now in case trends continue on the current path. These three stocks look like solid plays now.
With China devaluing the yuan and halting purchases of U.S. agricultural products in response to President Trump's additional tariffs last week, gold and gold miners are having their day.
Many investors maintain holdings of precious metals stocks in their portfolios as a hedge against inflation and the stock's tendency to go up when the market goes down. Here are four solid precious...
Monday's announcement of the $10 billion merger between gold mining giants Newmont and Goldcorp naturally leads to the question about what other firms may be on the block.
Does Monday's announced merger between gold miners Barrick and Randgold presage a rush of consolidation and merger in an industry that has been reeling for a couple of years now?
How on earth can analysts and investors maintain a positive view on gold miners? Is there still value in them even if the underlying commodity is in the toilet?
Gold has had a rough month, and the major gains of 2016 have not been repeated across the board in 2017. It turns out that a strong payrolls report from the U.S. Department of Labor is just that much...
Gold has been on an absolute tear in 2016, especially considering the currency fears that many had going into the Brexit vote. Now more than ever investors were looking to hedge their portfolios with...
Credit Suisse's Anita Soni has adjusted the firm's target multiples to reflect the view that the gold equity rerating will be sustaining over the next 12 months.