Tuesday's market meltdown didn't miss meme stocks. But there were a few stocks that weathered the storm pretty well.
Just like the broader markets, the meme stocks mostly traded lower on Tuesday.
Despite Friday's sharp drop in equity prices, there were a couple of winners. Premarket trading indicated a higher open, with crude oil up well over 5%.
Swimwear and lingerie company Naked Brand Group is pivoting to become an electric vehicle manufacturer, provided shareholders approve the change next month.
U.S. markets were struggling to get into the green Tuesday. Meme stocks were no exception.
Meme stocks as a group traded lower Monday and were not seeing much action in Tuesday's premarket session.
One of the OG meme stocks made a sharp move higher last week, and a couple of analysts' ratings moved two more in different directions.
Why does a coronavirus vaccine maker's stock drop more than 20% after the vaccine is approved for use? It happened Wednesday.
Meme stocks were lagging along with the broad market, as we all wait to hear the results from the Fed's two-day meeting.
One of the original meme stocks traded up by as much as 80% after markets closed Tuesday, following a series of announcements that could have triggered a short squeeze.
Monday was also a good day for meme stocks. Will Tuesday be more of the same?
Meme stocks pretty much traded in lockstep with the broader market Monday, with advancers leading decliners by around 2 to 1.
The SEC on Monday released a report on market behavior surrounding the January meme stock runup that hiked shares of companies like GameStop and AMC into the stratosphere.
One stock that had its moment in the meme stock sun last January has been generating some chatter lately among some retail investors.
One of the hottest meme stocks of the past two weeks was giving back more of its gains Monday.