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Who stands to benefit from Twitter's struggles in monetizing its user base and sustaining user growth?
With earnings scheduled for next month, the number of iPhones that Apple sells is most definitely a number to keep an eye on.
A fake buyout bid sent shares of Avon Products flying last month, but the fallout from the hoax obscures the company's underlying problems.
Year to date, the Shanghai Composite index is up a whopping 53%, prompting worries that major Chinese indexes may be overheating.
The huge buyback program just announced by Wendy's may be more of a reflection of the tough environment than a sign of strength.
Things have been slowing down in Macau significantly over the past year, which has taken a severe toll on casino companies with exposure there.
AMD has been struggling to turn a profit over the past few years. There are very few reasons to be optimistic about the company's prospects at the moment.
The stock markets face several potential headwinds this month, which has historically been a poor one for returns.