Jon C. Ogg

Jon C. Ogg co-founded 24/7 Wall St. in 2006 and is chairman of the board. He has authored thousands of articles on investing, the economy, personal finance, and money matters. He provides live news analysis of the stock market and bond market, and also covers the economy, personal finance, corporate finance, private companies, and non-traditional assets and alternative asset classes.

Ogg has appeared as a guest multiple times on CNBC and also on NPR. In addition to 24/7 Wall St., his work has been published on websites such as Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, MSN, AOL, Business Insider, USA Today, MarketWatch and Fox Business. His pieces have also been quoted in Barron's, Bloomberg, Forbes, RealClearMarkets, the BBC and in local newspaper and media websites, as well as on specialized websites dedicated to specific aspects of investing, business and the economy.

Prior to 24/7 Wall St. Ogg founded the TradeTheNews squawk box service, delivering breaking news and analysis to hedge funds, day traders and other active traders; he sold that service in 2003. He has also held roles as a licensed broker in stocks and bonds; acted as an independent news analyst for brokers and traders; been an investment advisor; raised seed capital; and served as an expert witness on valuations in a lawsuit between brokerage firms.

He lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and children and has worked in Houston, Chicago, New York City and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jon Ogg received a bachelor of business administration in finance at the University of Houston in 1992.

He can be found by @Jonogg on Twitter and 'Jon Ogg' on LinkedIn.

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