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The U.S. dollar remained exceptionally strong Tuesday versus a basket of the world’s fiat currencies, something that would typically be bad for cryptocurrency and good for stocks.
Ethereum’s Merge has been touted as one of the most important events in the history of cryptocurrency, and apparently, crypto hedge funds have taken note. The Financial Times reported that placing...
Despite the earnings strength of companies like these, stock prices remain weak, potentially creating attractive entry points.
The question now is whether the Bitcoin rally has real staying power or it is just another dead cat bounce.
As the time of the Ethereum Merge approaches, there is growing discussion about creating a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain.
According to Goldman Sachs, performance among fund managers has improved recently, which is usually what happens when the stock market rebounds following a correction.
Crypto enthusiasts have been looking forward to the Merge, a major event in the development of the Ethereum blockchain, for years, and the time is almost here.
While mortgage applications continued to fall last week to the lowest level in 20 years amid rising interest rates, mortgage applications from first-time homebuyers actually increased.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell is set to provide what many see as the most important update of the summer on the central bank’s current plans for monetary policy.
The rules for securing a tax credit on an EV purchase are extremely complicated, so consumers should read the fine print before they buy.
The bitcoin price and the prices of many other popular cryptocurrencies suddenly plummeted early Friday.
One well-known analyst says one reliable indicator is suggesting that the stock market has further to fall.
Penn National Gaming, now known as Penn Entertainment, has announced plans to acquire 100% of Barstool Sports.
A new survey revealed that many or potentially even most of the roughly 41,000 public charging stations in the United States do not even work properly.
Crypto lender Celsius Network announced that it has received several cash-injection offers as it tries to stay afloat during the bankruptcy process.