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Is Tim Cook trying too hard to satisfy Wall Street?
"It's all about the user experience." — Tim Cook
Amazon, Facebook and Google not so much.
I think the French might just go for it.
From The Information: "Apple Looks to Acquire Struggling Self-Driving Car Startup" ($):
I have this question too.
Yet somehow Apple gets slimed with the same goo as the guys who did.
Pressure on Apple to loosen its App Store rules is mounting. I expect they will.
Analyst T. Michael Walkley's cut is deepest I've seen.
The U.S. Attorney General must have his reasons.
Because you can trust Apple, says Ben Bajarin.
Tim Cook is too polite to go for the kill.
"Holy shit," said ace developer Marco Arment, more than once.
Real-time analysis, as fast as I can type it.