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London’s FTSE 100 opened down 9% at the open after the news of Brexit hit the wires. By the end of day, the UK market had bounced 6%, making day traders and volatility speculators very happy but...
  Against all odds, the citizens of the United Kingdom have voted to exit the European Union by a large 4 point margin. Against all odds literally, because UK bookies all favored “Remain”...
Some of the most feared stocks in the world right now are European banks, but this also makes them rife with opportunity.
The day before news of the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal broke, the stock was trading at $38 over the counter. As of June 17, we are sitting just above $29. As of Volkswagen’s last quarterly...
Here are two stocks that likely will benefit from the chaos that surely will ensue if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union on June 23.
If the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) ends up voting to hold the target fed funds rate as is, then a potentially embarrassing situation for the Fed could develop.
Switzerland has overwhelmingly rejected a national referendum on a universal basic income. If it had passed, disaster would have loomed for Switzerland’s economy.
Meager job growth of only 38,000 jobs for May has the doomsayers and perma-bears all up in arms again. Here are some points to consider when analyzing what initially looks like a jobs report in the...
It now appears that the U.S. Senate’s unanimous vote on a bill that would have exposed the Saudi Arabian government to American lawsuits over alleged involvement in the 9/11 attacks was a sham.
Usually the term "hostile takeover" is an exaggeration, but Sanofi's takeover bid for Medivation actually looks pretty hostile, given that it is now trying to oust the entire board.
Those who were bullish on the iPhone in 2007 certainly have nothing to complain about now, but they could have done even better had they shorted camera makers at the same time.
Given the sheer amount of capital that Tesla has consumed already, the only thing keeping the company from seriously testing market patience and having the bottom drop out of its stock is the very...
A new startup called Otto seeks to equip existing trucks with driverless technology, but only for highway rather than urban driving.
The gurus have been sounding the warning for months now, pounding the table about an imminent end to a now seven-year bull market.
MGT Capital Investments has named John McAfee its new chairman and CEO and the company will be renamed John McAfee Global Technologies.