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Ten States Where People Hate Going to Work

Less than a third of the nation’s workers were actively engaged in their jobs last year, according to a Gallup report released this week. Gallup’s State of the American Workplace ...
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The Most Dangerous Cities in America

After falling for five consecutive years, the number of violent crimes across the United States rose by 1.2% in 2012. Based on data published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ...
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Server room

The Best Cities for High-Tech Jobs

One in every five jobs in the United States required a high level of knowledge in science, technology, engineering or math as of 2011. Since the industrial revolution, the share ...
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Outdoor Advertising

States With the Most Government Benefits

The Great Recession left many families in need of greater economic security. Although federal programs provide some safety net, the states supply much of the security. A new report rated ...
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Ten American Cities Hurricanes Could Devastate

On June 1, the Atlantic hurricane season officially began. According to a report released earlier this week, an estimated $1.1 trillion in property are at risk of hurricane damage. More than $658 ...
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Cities Where Suburban Poverty Is Skyrocketing

The number of poor people in U.S. suburbs rose by 63.6% between 2000 and 2011, from 10 million to well over 16 million people. For the first time, there are ...
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The Most Popular Towns to Buy a Vacation Home

The economy is improving, banks are beginning to ease standards for lending, and mortgage rates are near their record lows. These factors are making it easier for Americans to wade ...
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Maersk container ship

States Sending the Most Goods to China

Over the past decade, U.S. exports to China have grown at an annual rate of nearly 17% each year. In 2012 alone, the 50 states shipped more than $100 billion ...
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States With the Most Americans on Disability

The number of Americans receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) more-than doubled over the past two decades, from 5.2 million to 11.7 million by the end of 2011. The number ...
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Home security

The Seven Most Popular Home Styles

Most people know that a mansion will cost much more than a farmhouse. What many might not be aware of is that the style of a home can also have ...
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health care

Workers Taking the Most Sick Days

Sick days are estimated to cost the U.S. economy $84 billion each year. According to the latest data released in a joint study by Gallup and Healthways, some professions miss ...
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McDonald's Big Mac

America’s Most Popular Stores

One half of Americans went to McDonald’s at least once in March, according to location analytics group Placed Insights. Nearly four in ten Americans visited Walmart, the next most popular ...
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KFC Restaurant

Companies That Owe Employees a Raise

While CEOs of companies with the strongest financial results are usually paid hundreds of millions of dollars, rank and file employees at these corporations are often less fortunate. Only a ...
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Ten Cities With the Worst Traffic

Last year, the average American driver wasted 38 hours sitting in traffic. While the occasional traffic jam inconveniences most drivers, some unlucky people live in the nation’s most congested cities. ...
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New $100 Bill

Eight Ways to Spot Counterfeit Money

The new U.S. $100 bill is set to debut in October. Along with a sleeker, more high-tech look, the new bill has new security features designed to thwart counterfeiters. For ...
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